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Andrew Ramstad

Law Clerk

Andrew Ramstad is a second-year law student at Brooklyn Law School. He is a competitor on the Moot Court Honor Society, a member of the Brooklyn Journal of International Law, and the Vice President of Operations of Brooklyn Law School’s Intellectual Property Law Association. He is particularly interested in the intellectual property law surrounding artificial intelligence and data privacy.

Andrew was a summer intern at Romano Law before joining the team as a law clerk, where he worked on everything from business formation documents to litigation research.  Prior to law school, he worked as a Director of Field Operations and a Session Aide for a Washington State Senator. 

Andrew is a die-hard Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies fan, a trumpet player, an avid hiker, and karaoke enthusiast.

Blog Entries

  • Are Ideas Protected by Copyright Law?

    If you have a great idea for a movie or product and want to pitch it to someone, how can you keep the idea from being stolen? Alternatively, if someone comes to you unsolicited with an idea, do you have to pay them for using it?  Many people think you can copyright an idea and

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  • How are Transgender Rights Protected in Employment?

    Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and transgender status is prohibited by both New York City and New York State statutory law. However, under federal law, the protection of transgender rights is more complicated. Some federal appellate courts have held that transgender discrimination falls under the umbrella of “sex discrimination,” which federal law prohibits.

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  • Could Your Website Be Liable for Online Defamation?

    In recent years, there has been a flood of criticism directed at websites that publish objectionable content from third parties. Examples include social media sites that allow “fake news” and false political ads and websites that host proponents of mass shootings and white supremacy. But there are everyday examples of the damage done by people

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