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Copyrighting and Licensing Choreography

A choreographic work is one where the “composition and arrangement of a related series of dance movements and patterns are organized into a whole.”  It may be used to convey a story, theme or abstract concept and can include elements such as rhythmic movements of the body and the sequence of those movements. Choreography is

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Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice in New York City?

You have decided to leave your job for a new one or personal reasons.  The next step is to resign from your current position.  What is the best way to do that?  Do you have to give two weeks’ notice in New York City?  While generally there is no notice requirement there are some recommended

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What to Know Before Starting a Fashion Line

Fashion lines come in all shapes and sizes: from those created by celebrities, to lines conceived by up-and-coming designers, to those crafted by established fashion houses.  While fashion is a creative and artistic industry, it is still important for designers to know the fundamentals of starting a new business.   If you’re thinking of starting your own

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Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice in California?

Giving notice that you are quitting your job can be stressful.  Regardless of your feelings about leaving, you do not want to burn bridges with your employer or co-workers.  It is a good idea to educate yourself about the best way to resign and determine how and when you should give notice.   Does California

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Is it LOVE? – Cartier and Amazon File Suit Alleging Fake Cartier LOVE Jewelry

Iconic fashion brand, Cartier, is debatably most famous for its LOVE Bracelet.  Cartier has translated this design to rings, necklaces and earrings that sell for thousands of dollars.  Recently, according to Cartier and Amazon, fake versions of this fine jewelry were illegally marketed and sold through a sophisticated web scam. Amazon and Cartier claim that

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Do You Have A Right of Publicity in California?

If someone attempts to profit from your name or image without your consent, this can pose a serious issue.  You may think that you aren’t “famous” enough for this to happen.  However, this issue arises even with those who are not well-known, which is why about half of the states in the US, including Florida,

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A Guide to All Things NIL: Alabama

Thanks to a recent NCAA interim policy change and changes in state law, student-athletes in Alabama can now be paid for use of their name, image and likeness (NIL).  This opens new opportunities for students involved in collegiate sports to earn money. What Is The Alabama State Law For NIL Deals? Governor Kay Ivey signed a law

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Do You Have a Right of Publicity in Florida?

How would you feel if someone tried to make money from your name or image without your consent?  This may sound like an issue that only concerns celebrities and public figures.  In reality even those who are not very well-known can experience this type of problem, which is why about half of the states in

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Dissolving a Business Entity in California

If you own a business in California and you have decided to wind down your operations, you will have to go through the formal process of dissolving the company.  Laws vary from state to state, for example, the process in New York differs in some ways from the process in Florida.  California state law requires

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