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Are Ideas Protected by Copyright Law?

If you have a great idea for a movie or product and want to pitch it to someone, how can you keep the idea from being stolen? Alternatively, if someone comes to you unsolicited with an idea, do you have to pay them for using it?  Many people think you can copyright an idea and

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Understanding Basic Overtime Laws in New York

The Recent and Upcoming Changes to Minimum Wage Laws in New York The New York Minimum Wage Act, implemented on December 31, 2018, required that all employees working in the state receive at least $11.10 an hour.  This minimum wage increase has affected overtime rates, depending on various unique provisions based on where a business

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Music Sampling Rights, What you Need to Know

Like many forms of art or expression, music is protected by copyright law. When using pre-existing music created by someone else to create a so-called “derivative work”, a license is usually necessary.  What Rights Do You Need to License for Music Sampling? A single piece of music may have multiple copyrights attached to it, all

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California’s New Legislation is a Game-Changer for Student Athletes

It is no secret that the NCAA is a very profitable business, and student athletes are clamoring for their fair share. To that end, the Fair Pay to Play Act was introduced earlier this year and picked up steam after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law.  California’s recent legislation is paving the

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Do You Have Permission to Use That Image?

In a digital world where you can find most any content you want online for free, it is easy to think you can use someone else’s photo, graphic, logo, chart or another image for your own purposes. It makes everyone think, do you have permission to use that image? Celebrities are even guilty of this.  Dozens

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Understanding Breach of Fiduciary Duties Claims

Many types of business relationships can result in creating a fiduciary duty from one party to the other. Partners in a business, officers and directors of a company, participants in a joint venture, principals and agents are all examples of trust relationships which give rise to fiduciary duty and can lead to litigation if someone

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How to Handle Defamation in New York

Being the victim of defamation can be very stressful.  It can harm your reputation and negatively impact your business.  As you research defamation law online, you might notice that it is quite tricky.  This post is meant to serve as an introductory glance into the complexities of defamation law in New York, to help you

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What to Do If Your Business Is Sued in New York

An introduction to how lawsuits are commenced in New York, and the steps you should take if your business is sued Lawsuits are becoming an ever-increasing presence in the business landscape. In one study, 43 percent of small business owners reported that their company had been engaged with, or threatened with, a civil suit.  Other

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Breach of Contract: What Makes a Case Worth Pursuing?

Before pursuing a breach of contract lawsuit, it is important to clearly assess the chances of success, the applicable damages, and other factors Few things are more frustrating for a business owner than having a client or vendor breach a contract. The other party failing to live up to its end of the bargain can

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