Bankrolling a Blockbuster: Part 1 – Investment

By: Anjana Puri

As many filmmakers know, it takes a lot more than a strong screenplay, powerful cast and innovative artistic vision to take a great story from paper to the big screen.  So, what is the magical movie-making ingredient?  MONEY, pure and simple.


Oh, Snap: You’ve Posted an Infringing Photo

By: Samuel P. Madden

Getting a threatening letter and being accused of copyright infringement can be intimidating.  For better or for worse, even innocent infringement can result in liability.


Hitting the Right Notes: the Fine Line between Inspiration and Infringement

By: Elizabeth Vulaj

If you’re a singer or songwriter, chances are you’ve been influenced by other artists’ work.  In the past few years, a number of musicians have filed lawsuits against other performers for copyright infringement, claiming that their songs have been copied.  But so many artists are inspired by the rhythms, lyrics, and compositions of other songs.  So where do you draw the line between inspiration and infringement?


Freelance Isn’t Free… Or is It?  (It’s Not).

By: Leah Norod

If you live in New York City, you may have heard about a new regulation dealing with the hiring of freelancers. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business that relies on independent contractors, you may be asking yourself…                                                                                                                                                                                             (more…)

Convertible Debt: The Best of Both Worlds?

By: Marie Smith

Business is booming, but it could be even better.  Mom already gave you some money to get started, but you ran through that pretty quickly.  You know your idea is great, but you just need cash to make it a reality.  You believe in your baby, and know she just needs the right food so she can grow. So how can you feed her? (more…)

Ready, Aim, Fyre: Legal Lessons From Fyre Festival

By: Leah Norod

The news has been alight with disastrous tales of Fyre Festival, the unforgettable musical experience that never was.  Unsurprisingly, the festival has been hit with multiple lawsuits and more are likely in the pipeline.  To add fuel to the fire, the festival’s pitch deck was leaked and the internet has wasted no time in picking apart the marketing strategies it employed.  What can serious investors, social media influencers, and start-ups learn from what critics are calling a #dumpsterFyre? (more…)

Taking the Plunge: 6 Things to Consider before taking Private Equity Funding

By: Paolo De Jesus

So you just started this new business and it’s really starting to take-off.  You want to take it to the next level.  BUT, you don’t have enough cash and you’re not sure how to raise more.  You may have read about ‘private equity’ financing.  You also may have no idea what that is.  So what do you do? (more…)

The Solo Shot: 4 Yellow Flags for the Self-Represented Athlete

By: Marie Smith


“I’ve been playing ball my entire life, and now I’ve got a shot at the pros.  My buddy tells me I should get an agent, but I don’t want to pay a guy to just shuffle some papers.  Can’t I just handle my contract on my own?”  – Al E. Hoop


Once upon a time professional athletes had to fend for themselves and accept any salary and terms a team offered them.  But times have changed.  Every major professional sports league in the country now has a players union that, among other things, helps set minimum salaries.  Player contracts, especially for entry-level athletes, are becoming more and more standardized. Whether you’re a pine rider or a 4th line grinder, you know you will at least make the league minimum.  Some pro leagues even have collective bargaining agreements (“CBAs”) that dictate minimum salaries for newer players based on draft position, years of service and numerous other factors. (more…)

S-Corps: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

By: Leah Norod

“S-Corps” is a buzzword you may have heard tossed around while researching ways to structure your new business.  Perhaps you heard it whispered in the street.  Luckily there’s no secret entrance, and there’s a reason it’s talked about so often – S-Corporations let you avoid double taxation on your business.  However, S-Corp status is not for everyone.  It’s an exclusive club, and it has rules.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering joining. (more…)