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Understanding New York Civil Rights Law §50-a

Advocacy groups have long clamored for the repeal of New York Civil Rights Law §50-a, otherwise known as the Police Secrecy Law.  Organizations such as the Legal Aid Society and Communities United for Police Reform pushed for the repeal of §50-a in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, arguing that police officers could not be

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No Automatic Right to Severance Pay in New York

When a layoff or termination occurs, one of the most common questions to arise is whether the employee is entitled to severance (or separation) pay.  Employees may be anxious to get any compensation they can, while employers may be looking to limit their responsibility or offer severance packages on their own terms.  The most important thing to note

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California’s New Legislation is a Game-Changer for Student Athletes

It is no secret that the NCAA is a very profitable business, and student athletes are clamoring for their fairshare. To that end, the Fair Pay to Play Act was introduced earlier this year and picked up steam after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law.  The Act would allow Californian student athletes to receive compensation for

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Update – Gay and Transgender Rights Protected from Employment Discrimination

In New York City, New York State and 21 other states, an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identity is protected from employment discrimination based on state and local law.  Under federal law, however, LGBTQ individuals’ protection from employment discrimination depended on what federal circuit they lived in. On Monday, the Supreme Court announced in a 6-3

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Finding Safe Harbor; Navigating a DMCA Takedown Notice

Updated: June 30, 2020 If you run a website that hosts user-generated content, or are yourself a user of social media or a cloud-based storage service, you have likely heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, codified as 17 U.S.C. §512.  The DMCA is the federal law that expanded the ability to enforce copyright to

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Business Interruption Insurance v. Covid-19

People purchase insurance policies to protect themselves when they encounter unanticipated harm.  They spend money out of their own pockets with the hope that they never have to file a claim.  Everyone wants to take the appropriate steps to safeguard their health to their home, their car to their pets, and the safety nets that the right

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How are Transgender Rights Protected in Employment?

Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and transgender status is prohibited by both New York City and New York State statutory law. However, under federal law, the protection of transgender rights is more complicated. Some federal appellate courts have held that transgender discrimination falls under the umbrella of “sex discrimination,” which federal law prohibits.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Artists and Art Dealers

New York law has long recognized the need to protect artists in their dealings with art dealers (also known as art merchants) in order to foster the arts as a vital resource in the State. However, art dealers and artists are often confused about the dealer’s responsibilities as well as the terms required in consignment agreements. Art

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5 Differences Between Agents and Managers

If you’re in the entertainment business, you’ve probably come across various talent representatives, particularly agents and managers. While some may mistakenly view agents and managers as the same, there are several important distinctions between their roles. 1. Booking Gigs Agents represent talent in seeking and securing employment and help ensure the client gets paid. They

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