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Considerations When Selecting A Brand

You are launching a new company, product or service and need a brand name.  There are many factors to consider when selecting a brand name. One factor that you may not have weighed is the ease by which you can trademark a brand name and how much legal protection that name would receive if others

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Knockoffs, Infringing Products and Counterfeits

Walking down the streets of New York City (pre-pandemic) you were bound to encounter vendors selling fake designer bags or products.  Since the pandemic, the online marketplace for these goods has surged.  It is now easy to find third-party vendors selling fake, defective or counterfeit goods.  Now, more than ever, it is important for designers

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Force Majeure in the Wake of COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses have found themselves unable to perform their contractual obligations, whether due to changed economic circumstances or actual impossibility.  We have now seen several cases in which force majeure provisions are beginning to be tested as a result of the pandemic.  In these cases, courts are being

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Life Rights Agreements – What You Need To Know

You are a creative person who has found out about someone with a compelling story, and you’d like to develop a book, TV show or film based on their life.  But in the middle of your excitement and creative rush, it hits you: “Maybe I need to get permission first… but how?”  Here is what

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Understanding Music Royalties

The music industry is an economic powerhouse, earning a revenue of $20.2 billion in 2019 alone.  Despite its monstrous success, the heart and soul of the music industry – recording artists, songwriters, composers and publishers – often leave a substantial amount of money on the table.  The question is: “why?”  The answer – difficulty in

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Legal Ramifications of COVID on the Theatre Industry

There are few circumstances that cause theatres to go dark.  While the usual response to most theatre industry roadblocks is simply “the show must go on,” this was not the case on March 12th.  That’s the date that The Broadway League announced all performances would be cancelled in compliance with government orders to reduce the

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How the New SEC Expansion of “Accredited Investors” and “Qualified Institutional Buyers” Affect You

On August 26, 2020, The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) revised Rule 501(a), Rule 215, and Rule 144A of the Securities Act to broaden the definition of “accredited investor” and “qualified institutional buyer.”  These amendments come into effect October 27, 2020. Historically, the SEC has heavily regulated the sale or offering of unregistered securities.  It

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Banning the Box: Enforcing Fair-Chance Employment Policies

You may have encountered the box on a job application that asks you to indicate whether or not you have ever been convicted of a crime, incarcerated or arrested.  That question is now illegal in a majority of U.S. states and localities. What Does Ban-the-Box Mean? “Ban-the-box” refers to removing the box on job applications that

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What Are COVID Liability Waivers?

Liability waivers are documents businesses may choose to have their clients, customers and/or patrons sign.  They generally state that patrons will not bring a lawsuit against the business in the event they receive personal injury, including illness, from entering the business establishment or participating in a service the business provides. In light of the COVID-19

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How Can the WARN Act Protect You as an Employee?

Millions of Americans have been laid off over the last few months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  If you are an employee who has recently been laid off, you should become familiar with the federal and state WARN laws, as they may offer protection, depending on the circumstances of your lay-off. The WARN Act,

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