Sports Law

Sports Law


Those involved in the sports industry can face a wide variety of legal obstacles ranging from employment contracts to intellectual property rights and various other agreements. Our attorneys offer advice on these areas so clients can focus on taking their careers and business to the next level. We counsel current and retired athletes, sports industry manufacturers, general managers, retailers, producers, promoters, managers, coaches, analytics professionals and other individuals and companies involved in all aspects of the sports industry.

Whether just starting out or well-established their field, we understand the challenges athletes may face, including maintaining privacy in the face of media and public attention and the strict procedures and deadlines which affect many sports-related business and legal matters. Our sports law attorneys have the experience and skills you need to navigate and thrive in the landscape of sports.

Are You Getting the Best Terms in Your Contracts?

The stakes are high in sports deals. Our experienced team can help draft, review, and negotiate terms for a variety of sports industry contracts, including:

· Athlete representation agreements, agency and management contracts, team agreements, and coaching contracts.

· Many athletes have short careers and are looking to be well-compensated during that period of time. This is a major reason that athletes look for compensation in many different forms, including sponsorship and other promotional opportunities outside their salary from a team.

· On the other side, teams can make significant money from successful players but also want to ensure they get a strong return on their investments. Our attorneys offer the effective legal representation needed to protect our clients’ best interests.

· Endorsement, sponsorship, marketing, and appearance agreements. We understand that players want to leverage their reputation for additional revenue from third parties, and counsel clients on how to maximize these opportunities.

· Intellectual property assignment and licensing agreements. Names and logos are very valuable to teams and must be legally protected to minimize unauthorized use. Licensing deals ensure that teams obtain fair compensation from any third-party use of their branding. It’s important for teams, individuals, and other entities to leverage the value of their intellectual property.

Are Your Intellectual Property Rights Protected?

Our intellectual property attorneys (or “IP” attorneys) help ensure that our clients’ intellectual property rights are protected from unauthorized use, through registration, contracts, and enforcement actions. We handle a broad array of intellectual property matters including:

Trademarks.  We assist our clients with registering their unique trademarks, growing and developing the recognition of their marks and branding, and ensuring trademarks are protected against trademark infringement or dilution.

Anti-counterfeiting.  Among the benefits of registering a trademark is obtaining U.S. Customs and Border Protection to stop infringing goods from being imported into the U.S. Additionally, federal registration provides a basis for foreign registration. allowing for protection of the organization’s brand globally.  The ability to expand globally can help teams to seriously increase their revenue.  We help clients enforce their trademarks using every available legal tool.

Copyright.  Sports organizations and media outlets may create works subject to copyright protection.  Our attorneys advise clients regarding what is copyrightable and how to protect those rights through registration and enforcement under copyright law.

Licensing.  Revenue from licensing provides significant income for teams.  We have extensive experience negotiating licensing agreements to help ensure clients are protected and obtain favorable terms.

Media rights.  We negotiate local and national broadcasting rights for all media (television, radio, internet, and pay-per-view).

Do You Need Assistance with Venue Contracts?

We represent sports and concert venues, promoters, and broadcasters in negotiations and disputes regarding use of a venue. Among the key concerns are performance rights, promotional obligations, compensation, insurance, security, sale of merchandise, and other matters.


The sports industry can be complex, where mistakes can have a substantial impact on revenue for athletes as well as organizations. Experienced legal representation is essential to ensuring parties can achieve their goals and build a successful career or business.


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