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What is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law covers a business, professional or athlete’s legal needs arising in the entertainment, media, and sports industries.  Entertainment is prevalent in New York City, and people travel from all over the world to experience the city’s vibrant entertainment.  But it also thrives in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.  From live entertainment, sporting events to film and television production, unique art exhibits, museums, and fashion shows, there is entertainment for everyone.

Since entertainment and sports is such a broad field, a wide array of legal expertise is required.  At times, it can be difficult to know which aspects of the law applies to you as an entertainment industry professional or business.  We can help you navigate the rules and principles that apply to your specific needs.  Our media, sports and entertainment attorneys are well-versed in the many different types of law .  We can help with contract review, agreement negotiations, intellectual property registration, and protection, licensing, financing, general counsel, distribution, litigation, entity formation, and more.

Entertainment Law Services

Corporate Law for Entertainment Law Services

Who We Represent

Whether you are an established professional or a beginner launching your business or career in entertainment, we can provide the tools you need to succeed. We represent individuals and businesses in the film, television, theatre, live entertainment, music, sports, social media and publishing industries. Some examples of the people we represent in those industries include producers, directors, actors, dancers, models, singers, musicians, athletes, agents, managers, choreographers, composers, writers, photographers, journalists, influencers and many other creative individuals and artists.

What We Do

Your needs will largely depend on which sector of entertainment you or your business operate in. The categories below describe the types of legal services that may be relevant to each particular aspect of the entertainment industry. Your entertainment ventures may fall under multiple sectors.

We offer consultations to review and provide advice on a particular agreement. If you are looking for a more substantial relationship with an entertainment attorney, we provide assistance with every step of the way as you negotiate, draft and revise agreements, expand your business or career into multiple facets of the entertainment field or see a production through from its inception to distribution.

Film & Television Law

We represent both individuals and companies in the film and television industry and have served as production counsel for Academy Award-winning films and award-winning TV shows.  Whether you would like a consultation to review an agreement or would like more in-depth assistance with negotiating the deal-making process, we can assist in every step of the way.  Our film and television services encompass a wide variety of assistance including, but not limited to, producer agreements, news producer agreements, literary option and purchase agreements, life rights agreements, SAG-AFTRA agreements, crowd releases, reality television talent agreements and more.

Moreover, it is important to protect your film or television production’s intellectual property by utilizing copyright and trademark registration and licensing.  However, sometimes the process involves multiple steps and can be complicated, so it is important to follow the lead of an experienced attorney to ensure your production is protected.  The United States Copyright Office’s (“USCO”) registration requirements and processes differ depending on the type of work being registered.  For instance, registration for a motion picture or audiovisual work is separate from registration of other digital content, music, plays, and visual arts.  It is important to register correctly in order to obtain all the benefits of registration, such as a presumption of validity, notice of publication, and ability to collect significant statutory damages from anyone who infringes on your copyright.

Music Law

We are ready to assist you as an individual songwriter, musician, singer, composer, manager or as a record company, distribution company or other business in the music industry. For instance, if you are starting a band and know you need help with your intellectual property but are not sure what that entails, we can assist. We can help you register your songs with the USCO. If you have a band name or logo or plan to create one, we can help you register those with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). If you believe your copyright or trademark has been infringed or your copyright or trademark license violated, we can also assist with cease and desist letters, demand letters and litigation.

Another example of how our entertainment attorneys can help you is through drafting and negotiating contracts and offering guidance. Examples of agreements we have helped our previous client with include publishing agreements, management agreements, producer agreements, 360 deals, collaboration contracts, distribution agreements, touring agreements, composer and music supervisor agreements, side artist or featured artist agreements, administration agreements, sync licenses and any other copyright licenses. For instance, if you are a new artist and are not sure if negotiating a 360 deal with a record label or hiring a manager is best for your career, our experienced attorneys can assist you with those decisions.

Live Performance & Theatre

Whether you are a performer, director, manager or agent, writer, composer or production company, we can provide you with the skills you need to succeed.  For instance, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian, we take care of everything from talent agreements to protecting your original jokes.  Our live performance and theater services also include theatrical performer and crew contracts, stage play adaptation agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements, collaboration agreements, agent contracts, employment agency license applications, producer agreements, director services agreements, option contracts, literary option, and purchase agreements, writing agreements and life rights agreements.

Art Law

Artists also fall under the entertainment law umbrella. Whether you are an artist yourself, a buyer or seller of artistic work or an art merchant, our attorneys understand the well-developed governing body of law. We assist with intellectual property protection, implied warranty of title, due diligence, regulations for warranty of authenticity, the relationship between an artist and a merchant, and the damages and liability involved with breach of contract.

Social Media Influencers

Media laws are ever-changing and growing, especially with the rise of social media, and we adapt our practices with the field.  Staying informed with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines and regulations, especially as an influencer, is crucial in this industry because the laws are constantly updated as technology expands.  We ensure your content and social media channels remain in the confines of the law while assisting you with creation, maintenance, and protection of your brand.  Moreover, social media influencers are often offered deals that involve service agreements or sponsorship agreements, an area our attorneys are well versed in.

Sports Law

We provide legal counsel to various professionals in the sports industry.  For instance, we work with current and retired athletes, e-sports players, sports reporters, sports industry manufacturers, managers, coaches, and companies involved with sports events or teams.  Our attorneys will ensure your professional soccer career, your newly acquired soccer team, or your FIFA career is achieving your goals, by assisting with all related legal matters such as athletic representation agreements, stadium and venue licenses, intellectual property assignments, team agreements, endorsements, and sponsorship agreements and employment agreements.


Whether you are an author looking to publish your first book, a seasoned writer, an illustrator, or a publishing company, we can provide the essential tools for success. Our services in the publishing industry include publishing agreements, writing agreements, ghostwriter agreements, illustrator contracts, photographer contracts, literary agent contracts, collaboration agreements, and adaptation agreements, such as translations or film, television, and stage adaptations.

Intellectual Property

Both Copyright and Trademark law intersect with all divisions of entertainment law.  Whether you are an artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, athlete, influencer, business owner or creative individual seeking to protect your creations or branding, license your intellectual property, utilize intellectual property owned by another or demand a third party cease and desist infringing on your intellectual property rights, we are here to assist.

We help with copyright and trademark registration, including every step of the application process, maintenance of registration, licensing agreements, fair use legal analysis of creative works, copyright and trademark infringement, and other disputes.  Our attorneys are also well-versed in trademark and copyright litigation in the case that infringement issues cannot be resolved through demand letters or negotiations.

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