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Romano Law PLLC and Romano Law LLP (collectively, “the firm”, “us” or “we”) maintain this website, and an array of social media channels (collectively, “the Outlets”), to provide information about the qualifications and experience of the firm and its team of legal professionals. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE OUTLETS DOES NOT, AND IS NOT INTENDED TO, CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE ON ANY SUBJECT MATTER.

Blog articles may be considered attorney advertisement. Any article or commentary posted on the Outlets does not constitute legal advice nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. Any prior results described on the Outlets or elsewhere, do not guarantee a similar outcome.

If you have questions regarding attorney advertising rules or this notice, please contact us at


You understand the firm shall not express opinions as to the laws of any jurisdiction other than those in which a particular legal professional is admitted to practice, and the federal laws of the United States of America and Canada.

No one using the Outlets or any content thereof should act or refrain from acting based on any information contained on the Outlets without first consulting appropriate legal or other professional counsel on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a lawyer licensed in the relevant jurisdiction. The firm expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken, based on any content contained in (i) the Outlets or (ii) media appearances of any kind by Romano Law team members.

While the information on the Outlets concerns legal issues, it is not legal advice. In addition, use of the Outlets is not intended to constitute, and does not constitute, a solicitation for the formation of an attorney-client relationship. NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS CREATED THROUGH YOUR USE OF THE OUTLETS.

Contact information on the Outlets is not provided as a means for prospective clients to submit information to us. Communications to the firm, whether in person, or by mail, fax, email, text messing, so-called “direct messaging” or by any other medium do not create an attorney-client relationship. Absent a mutually agreed relationship between you and the firm, the firm may not be obligated to treat any such communications as confidential.

We collect personally identifiable information about you only if you choose to provide it to us by requesting information. This personally identifiable information may include, for example, your name, address, telephone number, and email address, as well as specific information relevant to the information you request. We request that you do not disclose any private, time-sensitive or confidential information to us via email, telephone, fax or through the Outlets. Romano Law PLLC cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted to us over the internet. The communication of any electronic or telephonic inquiry does not, by itself, create an attorney-client relationship or contractually obligate the firm to represent you, regardless of the content of such inquiry. In other words, contacting the firm does not mean that we are acting as your attorney or that we have agreed to represent you, or advise you, in any capacity. Do not send us any confidential or proprietary information unless, or until, a formal attorney-client relationship has been established. Before we can represent you, or render any legal advice, we must mutually agree to such representation by entering into a written contract (also known as an engagement letter or retainer agreement). Such agreement explains the cost of representation and the scope of any legal work that we may perform for you.

The Outlets may link to websites, social media accounts, or other content created and/or maintained by third-parties and outside organizations (collectively, “Third Party Sites”), including our clients. The firm does not necessarily endorse, and is not responsible for, any content or policies maintained on Third Party Sites that may be accessed through the Outlets. Please familiarize yourself with any privacy policy and terms of use of any Third Party Site(s) you visit. The firm expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with any Third Party Site(s) that may be accessed through the Outlets.


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