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BASED IN NEW YORK CITY, Romano Law is a cutting edge firm, with a passion for making a difference in our client’s lives.

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Our experienced team of attorneys can help you navigate a business divorce or recover a debt that is owed.

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Domenic Romano on Fox News – Consumers Suing Apple Over App Prices

Domenic Romano on Fox News Channel – Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards-Inspired Video


What are Drag-Along and Tag-Along Provisions? Understanding Your Rights as a Shareholder

What are “drag-along” and “tag-along” rights?  Suppose that you own some shares in a company, but your business partner holds the majority of shares.  Now suppose your business partner gets an offer to sell those majority shares to a third party.  Even if you don’t want to, you might be obliged to sell your shares, too, if that Shareholders’ Agreement you signed includes a drag-along provision.    A drag-along provision enables a majority shareholder

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Hiding something on your private Facebook account? Not in New York

Your social media posts may have a bigger impact than you realize, especially if you have a case pending in court – even if your account is set to “Private”.  In the case of Forman v. Henkin in 2018, the highest Court in New York State established that normal discovery rules apply to social media,

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