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BASED IN NEW YORK CITY, Romano Law is a cutting edge firm, with a passion for making a difference in our client’s lives.

Our legal team takes pride in developing meaningful relationships with our clients. Our mission is to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions to help you or your company thrive.

We’re more than just attorneys – we’re trusted advisors. We love what we do.

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From startups to larger corporations, we provide a range of legal services to help your business grow.


Entertainment Law

We’re here to provide guidance to production companies, producers, talent and other industry professionals as you build your career.



Our experienced team of attorneys can help you navigate a business divorce or recover a debt that is owed.

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Domenic Romano on Fox News – Consumers Suing Apple Over App Prices

Domenic Romano on Fox Business – Regulating Major Tech Companies


Show Me the Money, but Just Don’t Ask Me About It…

“So, what were you making in your last position?”  For many, that’s one of the most dreaded questions asked during a job interview or on an application.  While your future employer may want to know all those details, it may seem unfair that your next salary could be determined by what you were making in

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Bankrolling a Blockbuster: Part 2 – Donations and Grants

In Part 1 of this series, we dove into the exciting world of film finance by way of investments and securities.  In this Part 2, we’re going to explore another avenue of raising money for your movie: donations and grants.

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