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Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice in New York City?

You have decided to leave your job for a new one or personal reasons.  The next step is to resign from your current position.  What is the best way to do that?  Do you have to give two weeks’ notice in New York City?  While generally there is no notice requirement there are some recommended

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Sarah Palin vs the New York Times: The Latest on Her Defamation Lawsuit

Sarah Palin continues her fight against the New York Times, alleging defamation.  The case, originally filed in 2017, has been dismissed twice, but her legal team is appealing the latest dismissal.  Her chances of winning are slim under current case law because defamation is difficult to establish when the media writes about public figures.  The

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How to Voluntarily Dissolve a Business in New York

Have you decided to close your business (without selling it)?  Maybe you are looking to retire, try something new, your company is struggling, or you and your co-owners have a conflict that cannot be resolved.  Regardless of why you want to cease operations, there are important steps you must take to properly dissolve your business.

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Follow the Money; New York’s New Pay Transparency Law

Updated: May 19, 2022 “So, what were you making in your last position?”  For many, that’s one of the most dreaded questions asked during a job interview or on an application form.  While your future employer may want to know those details, it may seem unfair that your next salary could be determined by what

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What Privacy and Publicity Rights Do Celebrities Have In New York?

Updated: August 2, 2022 New York Civil Rights Law Sections 50 and 51 give individuals the right of publicity, allowing them to control the use of their name, image and likeness for commercial purposes.  While most people are afforded this right, it has particular significance for celebrities.  This is because the illegal use of a

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