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How to buy an existing domain name

By: Rose Massary and Domenic Romano A customized website domain name can (a) assist in marketing efforts, (b) help develop brand identity and (c) provide fast and easy access to prospective customers.  But what if the domain name you want is already taken? You may be weighing the costs of buying that perfect Web domain

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Bitcoin for small businesses: Congress takes note

By: Josh Wueller and Domenic Romano This Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Small Business held a hearing entitled “Bitcoin: Examining the Benefits and Risks for Small Business.”  On Monday, two days before these lawmakers and their distinguished panel of experts convened in Washington, D.C., we explored the same topic

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The FCC tackles the NFL blackout policy

By: Domenic Romano and Josh Wueller The NFL may have to revise its blackout policy for the televised broadcasting of games, which is now officially under attack by the FCC. Under the NFL’s current policy, games that haven’t sold between 85% and 100% of their tickets within 72 hours of kickoff won’t be televised in

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Net Neutrality: What Next?

By: Domenic Romano and Josh Wueller One month after the Washington, D.C. federal appeals court struck down FCC net neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced that the Commission will not appeal the decision. Following the Verizon v. FCC ruling, companies are feeling the immediate impact of Internet providers restricting the flow of their

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Rebel without a cause (of action)? James Dean Twitter feed a point of contention

By: Domenic Romano & Josh Wueller Even 60 years after his death, iconic movie star James Dean remains a celebrated public presence.  Now, a lawsuit brought by Dean’s estate against microblogging multinational Twitter has brought Dean’s claim to fame back into the spotlight.  CMG Worldwide is the Indiana-based company managing James Dean’s estate and commanding

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GoldieBlox backs down: Beastie Boys lawsuit too hot?

When toymaker GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys began butting heads over a parody video of the song “Girls,” it seemed like the California company was ready to fight for its right to parody.  GoldieBlox filed a preemptive lawsuit against the hip-hop group as a strategic move to protect itself from allegations of copyright infringement. However,

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Beastie Boys (. . . and GIRLS!): who’s suing whom?

The Beastie Boys turned heads in 1986 with the “absurdist rhymes” in their Def Jam debut: Licensed to Ill.  In the track “Girls,” Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz spins a tale of lost love, longing for a female companion to clean up his bedroom and bathroom and do his dishes and laundry. GoldieBlox, which specializes in engineering

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