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Kaye Avenido

Client Assistant

As a Client Assistant, Kaye plays a pivotal role in ensuring Romano Law delivers exceptional customer service to its clients.  Her responsibilities encompass managing inquiries, scheduling consultations, and liaising with the team to ensure each client receives personalized attention promptly.

Kaye’s proficiency in writing and public speaking enhances her effectiveness as a communicator, while her experience in training others underscores her meticulous attention to detail and problem-solving.  Known for her adaptability, proactiveness, and genuine passion for assisting others, Kaye consistently goes above and beyond to meet client needs.

Despite joining Romano Law during the pandemic’s peak, Kaye has thrived by leveraging her prior experience in remote work and her unwavering work ethic.  She finds fulfillment in contributing to a team that values collaboration, integrity, and excellence, actively contributing to the firm’s growth and success.

Outside of work and family commitments, Kaye indulges her creative inclinations through baking, sewing, and immersing herself in criminal documentaries.  Her curiosity extends to exploring new subjects and concepts, reflecting her commitment to lifelong learning.

Excitingly, Kaye is now preparing to embark on a new chapter as she gears up to start law school in the upcoming academic year.  Her diverse skill set, dedication to service, and thirst for knowledge position her as a promising candidate poised to make a meaningful impact in the legal realm.




  • University of Mindanao
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