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GoldieBlox backs down: Beastie Boys lawsuit too hot?

When toymaker GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys began butting heads over a parody video of the song “Girls,” it seemed like the California company was ready to fight for its right to parody.  GoldieBlox filed a preemptive lawsuit against the hip-hop group as a strategic move to protect itself from allegations of copyright infringement. However,

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Beastie Boys (. . . and GIRLS!): who’s suing whom?

The Beastie Boys turned heads in 1986 with the “absurdist rhymes” in their Def Jam debut: Licensed to Ill.  In the track “Girls,” Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz spins a tale of lost love, longing for a female companion to clean up his bedroom and bathroom and do his dishes and laundry. GoldieBlox, which specializes in engineering

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IBM v. Twitter?

IBM dropped a major bombshell on Twitter this month.  Prior to Twitter’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), IBM sent a letter to the social media site claiming Twitter infringed on at least three of IBM’s U.S. patents.  The patents at issue include, (i) method for presenting advertising in an interactive service, (ii) efficient retrieval of uniform resource locators and (iii)

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