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Copyright and Choreography: Protecting Choreography in Theatrical Productions

Theatre is more than a structure with seats and a stage.  It is a visceral, immersive, and collective experience.  It is community.  Amidst the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, as productions remain closed, we realize how much we take the joy of live theatre for granted.  Thankfully, creators are not easily discouraged, and members of the

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Right of Publicity Law

Are You Ready for Changes in New York’s Right of Publicity Law? In New York, individuals generally have the right to control the commercial use of their name, image and likeness, or other similar aspects of their identity.  This is referred to as the right of publicity.  Not all states recognize this right.  While New York has

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Supreme Court Steps Up To The Plate To Face Compensation For Student-Athletes

It is no secret that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) oversees a very profitable business.  The billions of dollars that college basketball and football programs generate on a yearly basis have had student-athletes clamoring for their fair share for decades.  In 2019, the Fair Pay to Play Act was introduced and picked up steam after

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When Can an Online Review Constitute Defamation?

If you want to buy a product or service, you probably look at online reviews before making a decision.  Online reviews often play an important role in building a good reputation.  Businesses with bad online reviews take it very seriously knowing that it could be detrimental to its sales.  When a business feels a review

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Streaming and Licensing Live Theatre

COVID-19’s Impact on Theatre and Theatre Workers As some industries inch toward normalcy amidst the pandemic, one industry that may be irrevocably changed by COVID is live theatre.  With the Broadway shutdown extended until at least May 2020, creators, producers and theatre professionals have tried to find inventive ways to monetize their work and keep

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Understanding Hostile Work Environment Claims

Updated: January 25, 2021 Employers and employees need to be aware of laws regulating workplace conduct, including hostile work environment and hostile workplace laws.  Hostile work environments can arise from overt actions, but also from statements or behavior.  Understanding workplace environment claims and risks requires considering both the law and the facts in a given

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Business Startup Checklist

Starting your own business is an exciting but often daunting time.  There is much more that goes into operating a successful business than a transformative idea or a great product.  Simply knowing where to start can go a long way in making the startup phase a smoother experience while also helping to minimize bumps in

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Knockoffs, Infringing Products and Counterfeits

Walking down the streets of New York City (pre-pandemic) you were bound to encounter vendors selling fake designer bags or products.  Since the pandemic, the online marketplace for these goods has surged.  It is now easy to find third-party vendors selling fake, defective or counterfeit goods.  Now, more than ever, it is important for designers

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Force Majeure in the Wake of COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses have found themselves unable to perform their contractual obligations, whether due to changed economic circumstances or actual impossibility.  We have now seen several cases in which force majeure provisions are beginning to be tested as a result of the pandemic.  In these cases, courts are being

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