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November 1, 2013 | EntertainmentFrom the blog

Marvin Gaye’s Estate Says: “Let’s Get it On.”

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Marvin Gaye’s family initiated a countersuit against Robin Thicke this week, alleging that songs crossed boundaries and not just “Blurred Lines.”  The Gaye family claims copyright infringement by Thicke on certain Marvin Gaye classics.  The action by the Gaye Estate also alleges, among other things, that EMI breached its contractual obligations and its fiduciary duty by failing to protect Gaye’s rights, trying to intimidate the Gaye family to dissuade them from taking legal action, and by not remaining neutral in an apparent a conflict of interest.  The Gaye family contends that EMI should not be entitled to profits on “Blurred Lines” and should no longer have the right to administer the Gaye song catalog.

See the full Hollywood Reporter article here.

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