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Can You Be Served by NFT With a Lawsuit?

When it comes to being served with court papers, the stereotypical image that comes to mind is that of a process server chasing down a defendant with a complaint and summons in hand.  This form of service – personal delivery – is the most straightforward method, although there are several other established ways to serve

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Unboxing the Nike v. StockX NFT Lawsuit

On February 3, 2022, Nike, Inc. started a federal lawsuit against online marketplace StockX LLC over StockX’s use of NFTs.  The lawsuit marks another chapter in the emerging area of NFT litigation that includes Miramax, LLC’s suit against Quentin Tarantino (over “Pulp Fiction” NFTs) and Hermès International, S.A.’s suit against artist Mason Rothschild (concerning “MetaBirkin”

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Anticipated Impacts of the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Cryptocurrency

On March 9, 2022, President Biden issued an Executive Order entitled “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” (the “Order”), concerning the administration’s digital asset policy objectives.  The Order is the U.S. government’s first holistic risk analysis of digital assets.  While it did not announce any specific regulations, the Order directs federal agencies to investigate the

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Avoiding and Redressing Cryptocurrency Scams

Updated on August 15, 2022 Cryptocurrency has become a highly sought-after investment.  Its investors range from tech savvy investment professionals to regular people with limited investing experience.  The industry has garnered a reputation of high-risk, high-reward investments that make for tempting opportunities for those comfortable with educated gambling.  Like gambling, the drawback of crypto investment is

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Are You Protected from Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Lawsuits?

Interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it has soared since the 2009 launch of bitcoin. However, as with any new and evolving area of law and regulation, cryptocurrency litigation risk is high. If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, offering your own currency, or developing technology using blockchain, it is crucial to

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Can You Sue a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Investments in cryptocurrency have seen an astronomical rise over the last decade.  This rise has been fueled by the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ether, among mainstream investors and companies, such as Tesla Inc., Mastercard Inc., and BNY Mellon.  Bitcoin has also been deemed legal tender by at least one country, and others

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Investors Beware: Cryptocurrency Litigation is on the Rise

Dramatic price increases in cryptocurrencies are driving interest among investors.  This interest has been fueled by celebrities, social media influencers and the media.  Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there is still a significant degree of uncertainty in the relevant legal landscape.  This is primarily because the regulation of digital currencies is still evolving.  The

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