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Remote Work Decisions Ahead for Employers

As concerns about COVID-19 and variants have lessened, some companies are asking employees to return to work in the office.  In many cases companies are allowing hybrid work arrangements in which employees spend 2-3 days in the office and the rest of the week working remotely.  This is being fueled in part by the fact

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Force Majeure in the Wake of COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses have found themselves unable to perform their contractual obligations, whether due to changed economic circumstances or actual impossibility.  We have now seen several cases in which force majeure provisions are beginning to be tested as a result of the pandemic.  In these cases, courts are being

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Legal Ramifications of COVID on the Theatre Industry

There are few circumstances that cause theatres to go dark.  While the usual response to most theatre industry roadblocks is simply “the show must go on,” this was not the case on March 12th.  That’s the date that The Broadway League announced all performances would be cancelled in compliance with government orders to reduce the

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What Are COVID Liability Waivers?

Liability waivers are documents businesses may choose to have their clients, customers and/or patrons sign.  They generally state that patrons will not bring a lawsuit against the business in the event they receive personal injury, including illness, from entering the business establishment or participating in a service the business provides. In light of the COVID-19

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Business Interruption Insurance v. Covid-19

People purchase insurance policies to protect themselves when they encounter unanticipated harm.  They spend money out of their own pockets with the hope that they never have to file a claim.  Everyone wants to take the appropriate steps to safeguard their health to their home, their car to their pets, and the safety nets that the right

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Are You an Employer Covered by the WARN Act? Three Questions to Consider.

As the current coronavirus crisis unfolds, many employers are forced to consider laying off their staff, particularly those in the hospitality, wellness and event industries.  Before you alert your team to the new reality, employers should determine whether they are covered by federal and state-level WARN laws.  For background, Congress passed the WARN Act in the

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What Employers Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Restrictions placed on businesses, though necessary to encourage social distancing and curb the spread of the coronavirus, are impacting both employers and employees alike. Some businesses have been forced to close. Other business owners are voluntarily closing or scaling back operations and onsite work. Employees may find they have no job. They may be afraid

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