Political Discrimination in Florida

Understanding Political Discrimination

​Political discrimination is the unfair and negative treatment of an individual due to the individual’s political, economic or social beliefs. It is important to note that political beliefs are not a protected class and do not necessarily receive federal protections from discrimination like other federally protected classes such as race, religious affiliations, sex and national origin. However, the First Amendment does provide public employees with protection from political discrimination by government employers. For those employed by private employers in Florida, any protection from political discrimination comes from the state.

Examples of Political Discrimination

There are many actions that can be considered political discrimination. Some examples of political discrimination include:

• Firing an employee who voted for a political candidate that the employer did not vote for.
• Suspending an employee for attending a gun control rally during non-work hours.
• Not hiring a qualified candidate because the candidate does not share the same political ideologies as the employer.

Because employee political discrimination protections are usually provided at the state level, it is important for employees in Miami to know what rights they have.


Understanding Your Rights as an Employee in Florida

Florida’s protections against political discrimination only extend to voting.  The state forbids employers from terminating employees for exercising their choice to vote (or in turn not vote) or exercising their right to vote for a specific political candidate.

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Choosing the Right Political Discrimination Attorney in Florida

It is important to find an attorney who can help guide you through the political discrimination protections that are in place in Florida.  Since political discrimination cases are fact specific, the right attorney can assist with resolving any issues efficiently.  Whether you are a Florida employer or employee, an attorney can ensure that an employer is in compliance with Florida’s political discrimination statutes and that an employee’s political rights are protected.

Romano Law can provide guidance on political discrimination disputes in New York, California, and Florida.

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