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Taylor E.
15:22 24 Feb 21
I recently hired Romano Law for help with an employment issue, and I highly recommend them. It was my first time working with a law firm and they were accessible and took the time to answer all my questions about the process. From beginning to end they made the process seamless and they were great... to work with, very responsive and helped me resolve the situation with a much better outcome than I could have gotten on my more
Kaitai C.
00:34 23 Feb 21
I hired Domenic and his team to work on an employment case for me. This is the first time in my life to face such an issue and I feel lucky to find Domenic and his team. I mainly worked with Domenic, Dan, and Molly. They are super patient and knowledgeable to walk me through the details and all the... possible scenario analysis. I also quite enjoyed the business model of an entire team instead of a single lawyer working on my case, so that correct expertise are applied. I highly recommend Romano more
Rami S.
02:04 20 Feb 21
Romano law were a pleasure to work with. Professional, courteous and able to advise on a range of matters.
Kaitai C.
16:54 19 Feb 21
I hired Domenic and his team to work on an employment case for me. This is the first time in my life to face such an issue and I feel lucky to find Domenic...
andrea B.
16:09 25 Jan 21
When my husband and I were in need of legal counsel we followed the recommendation of a colleague and spoke with Domenic Romano. It was quickly apparent that Domenic is knowledgeable, motivated, and a straight shooter. His team is likewise responsive, helpful, and had our goals and best interests... in mind. We particularly appreciated that they were willing to push when needed and also to take a more conciliatory approach when called for. We are very satisfied with the outcome of Domenic's work and representation. Thanks, team!read more
Mitch E.
02:57 31 Dec 20
We had an excellent experience working with the Romano law team. They were extremely diligent and thorough. From start to finish, they were there to meet all our needs.I highly recommend Romano Law.
Lynnette C.
20:19 21 Dec 20
If you are looking for the best entertainment lawyers Romano Law is it. When I had my first initial consultation with Shaliz! She was everything I wanted in a lawyer to represent me on deciding what film company and producer would be best for me. As I walked into her office, Shaliz explained every... little detail to me from the top to the bottom. When I met her husband Dominick and her staff, I said to myself they are the lawyers I want to represent me. Long story short, they have been my lawyers since 2018. As the years went by Aaron came along and was just as knowledgeable, and on point with everything I needed to negotiate with my film contract. He saw things that I would have missed on my own. I’m so blessed that I have found such Ana big entertainment Law firm like Romano Law. What I love the most about them. When they look over contracts for their clients. They literally care and make it personal. As if it was them or their family members. We finally closed on a deal, but of course, there is more to come within me. Also, what I love about them they respect you as if you were apart of their own family. Romano Law is the BEST Entertainment Lawyers In my more
Paramesh R
19:23 20 Dec 20
Having worked with numerous lawyers/law firms in my 25 year career, I can confidently say Romano Law is the best. Domenic and his team are very different from others. From the client side, they are warm, trustworthy and most importantly, easy to talk/discuss issues. With unparalleled legal... expertise, they are quick yet thorough in arriving at potential options - they just don't miss anything! From the counter-party side, the Romano team brings FACTUALLY based arguments that are just too hard to defend. As in my case, this will lead to favorable and faster resolution/settlement. If I ever need legal assistance or advice in the future, I will only go to more
Jhony Fernandini M.
11:14 22 Nov 20
Es hermoso ver el mar desde este lugar
Joey S.
11:19 18 Nov 20
Romano Law saved me tens of thousands in a legal dispute! I am beyond thankful to the team there. We had the pleasure of working with Paolo and Domenic, who...
Ché L.
17:57 16 Nov 20
Great lawyers! I highly recommended.
Jeff S.
09:57 16 Nov 20
CONSULTATION ONLY. I did not use this firm's services.I called for a consultation. They took my details and then called me back at a schedule time. They...
Jane Nayagam T.
00:53 13 Nov 20
My husband and I engaged Domenic and his team to help us with a legal matter. It can always feel like a risk when you are hiring counsel, and immediately, we knew we had made the right choice. Domenic and his team operate with the highest level of transparency, integrity, skill and most... importantly - compassion. We appreciated their candor with us as we discussed all of our options, but also their willingness to listen and understand our perspective and wishes. I strongly recommend Romano Law and feel grateful to have found more
Darnell Jamal L.
16:52 12 Nov 20
They are absolutely amazing in terms of helping me deciphering legal jargon and helping make the most practical decisions
Paul P.
21:02 10 Nov 20
closed my dance studio of 35 years in NYC due to the pandemic this spring of 2020. I needed legal advice and was referred to the Romano Law firm. I want to thank Romano Law for the time and effort their team put in regarding my situation as a small business owner who was not sure what my “rights”... during this ongoing “pandemic”. The laws were unclear and changing everyday.In Mid-March 2020 the Federal Government put me out of business and after 3 months of lock-down and no income, we had no choice but to terminate our lease.I read that the city council and Mayor Bill de Blassio had initiated a bill that would restrict my landlord from enforcing the lease and could not penalize business owners like me from being “closed down” by the pandemic.The city Council and the Mayor believe it would be unjust for Landlords to “kick" NYC small business owners (like me) when we are already “knocked-down”.Dominick and his team of lawyers read my lease diligently and caught a detail I overlooked (the fact that I never signed the Good Guy Clause on my lease). That was a nice relief.I want to thank Domenic and his team for consulting with me and contacting my landlords lawyers to attempt negotiation with them.I hope this matter is resolved and I am moving forward with my new life without my dance studio business.Thank You DomenicStay well!Yours Truly…Paul PellicoroFormer owner of DANCESPORT Ballroom more
David S.
19:46 02 Nov 20
Romano law features lawyers who are extremely smart, skilled, and tireless. They are also great people. I relied on Domenic and his team for a complicated and challenging employment/contract law issue. From beginning to end, my lawyers at Romano stayed several steps ahead of opposing counsel and... constantly kept me informed. Domenic Romano, Nicole Haff, and Aaron Deitch made the process rewarding and satisfying. After more than a year of fierce advocacy on my behalf, they earned us justice and a victory. Equally impressive, they did it above board and by honoring the highest ethical and moral principles. If you are looking for sleazy ambulance chasers who will cut corners, go elsewhere. But, if you are seeking attorneys who will beat the other side into submission through knowledge, attention to detail, and skills, you will not find a better firm than Romano. Whether you are heading into a major battle or just have a question on something that may seem minor, give them a call. I got the justice I was seeking. I also made friends for life. That is how highly I think of my legal team at Romano – they are terrific attorneys who are also wonderful more
Amber Amundson T.
04:58 29 Oct 20
I was referred to Domenic several years ago from another lawyer I had worked with previously, and have had the pleasure of getting to know Domenic and his team at Romano law closely over the past three years. I'm a seasoned business woman, a YPO member, and a former CEO, so have worked with... hundreds of lawyers, but this particular case was quite unique and it was close to the heart. After speaking with Domenic I was convinced he and his team were the very best choice. I wasn't wrong! Fast forward a few months later and my case was settled without ever having to file or go to court! His negotiating skills and pre-filing strategies worked so well that I received much more than what I had hoped for, and faster than I had imagined (apologies for my ambiguity here but part of my settlement included an NDA so I can't share any specifics). Ever since that win, I have turned to him for all of my legal needs- if he doesn't handle it directly, then he knows exactly who can. Romano Law are not only experts (the BEST of the best) but they're also understanding and patient (that is, if you're their client or a prospective one... I certainly wouldn't say the same if you are on their opposing side!!). In my experience, they negotiate quickly and get you the absolute best outcome possible when others can't. They'll be honest with you, won't set false expectations, and they will not try to drag things out to nickel and dime you. They understand that if they work expertly, effectively, efficiently and QUICKLY to win your case, you will continue to come back to them and will probably refer friends, family & business partners, which benefits both Romano Law AND the clients who hire them. I wouldn't hesitate even a millisecond to recommend Domenic and Romano Law to anyone and everyone... even to my very own mother (and yes, I actually did refer my mom to Romano Law recently- that's how much I trust him). Domenic and team thank you SO much for winning my case and for always being there for me, even if I just have a question. Domenic, you have become one of a select few that I consider "in my inner circle" a trusted confidant that has never let me down, not just my lawyer but also someone I consider a friend. It really feels like you care about my personal wellbeing... in fact I know you do. SO PEOPLE, if you are reading this and are looking for a "high powered lawyer" one that is THE BEST, but who will not overcharge you, and will actually care about YOU and the outcome of your case, then you need Domenic Romano and his team at Romano Law. YES YES YES, just call them right more
Amber T.
04:54 29 Oct 20
I was referred to Domenic several years ago from another lawyer I had worked with previously, and have had the pleasure of getting to know Domenic and his team at Romano law closely over the past three years. I'm a seasoned business woman, a YPO member, and a former CEO, so have worked with... hundreds of lawyers, but this particular case was quite unique and it was close to the heart. After speaking with Domenic I was convinced he and his team were the very best choice. I wasn't wrong! Fast forward a few months later and my case was settled without ever having to file or go to court! His negotiating skills and pre-filing strategies worked so well that I received much more than what I had hoped for, and faster than I had imagined (apologies for my ambiguity here but part of my settlement included an NDA so I can't share any specifics). Ever since that win, I have turned to him for all of my legal needs- if he doesn't handle it directly, then he knows exactly who can. Romano Law are not only experts (the BEST of the best) but they're also understanding and patient (that is, if you're their client or a prospective one... I certainly wouldn't say the same if you are on their opposing side!!). In my experience, they negotiate quickly and get you the absolute best outcome possible when others can't. They'll be honest with you, won't set false expectations, and they will not try to drag things out to nickel and dime you. They understand that if they work expertly, effectively, efficiently and QUICKLY to win your case, you will continue to come back to them and will probably refer friends, family & business partners, which benefits both Romano Law AND the clients who hire them. I wouldn't hesitate even a millisecond to recommend Domenic and Romano Law to anyone and everyone... even to my very own mother (and yes, I actually did refer my mom to Romano Law recently- that's how much I trust him). Domenic and team thank you SO much for winning my case and for always being there for me, even if I just have a question. Domenic, you have become one of a select few that I consider "in my inner circle" a trusted confidant that has never let me down, not just my lawyer but also someone I consider a friend. It really feels like you care about my personal wellbeing... in fact I know you do. SO PEOPLE, if you are reading this and are looking for a "high powered lawyer" one that is THE BEST, but who will not overcharge you, and will actually care about YOU and the outcome of your case, then you need Domenic Romano and his team at Romano Law. YES YES YES, just call them right more
Amber T.
22:02 28 Oct 20
I was referred to Domenic several years ago from another lawyer I had worked with previously, and have had the pleasure of getting to know Domenic and his...
19:11 23 Oct 20
I am a Jazz musician and Portrait Photographer. I have worked with Romano Law for a few years now for all my legal concerns. They have always been there to advise and help me with various legal situations I've been in.They have advised me on record contracts, helped me chase money from clients,... created a cease and desist letter one time, and also created a record contract for me which I signed with a label. Today especially was great, as they gave me a complimentary annual legal consultation, where they advised me on numerous matters including my trademark, copyrighting my intellectual property, and contracts and structure for a new business venture.I highly recommend Domenic Romano and his fabulous team!read more
Joe G.
06:40 23 Oct 20
The Romano Law team has been the firm my company has worked with for the last several years and we could not be more thrilled with them and their work. We...
Carolyn H.
22:37 12 Oct 20
I worked closely with Domenic Romano personally when I started a music entertainment LLC. I was a novice and he walked me through every step of the way. I felt cared about, and represented to the highest standards. I felt so fortunate to have him in my corner. He also negotiated the best deal for... me as a musician related to songwriting copyrights. He is the only attorney I will work with for future endeavors. He was available 24/7. He is a strong negotiator with integrity and passion. He loves what he does for a living, and it shows. I recommend him, and his firm, more
Andrew Z.
00:08 11 Oct 20
I needed an experienced entertainment lawyer to help me with a short option. Domenic (and Rachel) were very professional; they did some background due diligence on their own time and explained everything so I can easily understand it. I paid for an hour and Domenic let me split in into two... separate sessions (and lets be real: most lawyers will charge an hour for working 5 minutes on something). He gave me a revised contract to counter offer and the other party accepted. Do not try to navigate any contract without an attorney, especially when dealing with show business!read more
Peter K.
05:46 09 Oct 20
A capable team with experienced staff.For the past 6 months the folks at Romano handled my case with class and empathy. My questions were heard and answered without having to ask twice. I felt like I was kept in the loop and always briefed properly. As I move forward with other ventures I... wouldn’t be surprised if we crossed paths again. THANK YOU!Pread more
Jacquelyn W.
23:51 07 Oct 20
The team at Romano Law has worked very closely with me to ensure that my company was set up properly and is guiding us through a potential merger. Domenic and Shaliz are very personable lawyers, who are genuinely interested in the overall well being of my company and I am incredibly grateful to... have found them. I have been with Romano Law for over a year and I have already referred clients their way. I highly recommend this firm and am so relieved that I can truly say my lawyers have my more
Jacquelyn W.
23:47 07 Oct 20
The team at Romano Law has worked very closely with me to ensure that my company was set up properly and is guiding us through a potential merger. Domenic and Shaliz are very personable lawyers, who are genuinely interested in the overall well being of my company and I am incredibly grateful to... have found them. I have been with Romano Law for over a year and I have already referred clients their way. I highly recommend this firm and am so relieved that I can truly say my lawyers have my more
Tom D.
14:53 04 Oct 20
My daughter needed a lawyer to help with a recording contract. A friend recommended RomanoLaw, and they quickly came with all the key info to engage in an intro transaction. Thus they managed our expectations and there were no surprises. The Associate Attorney, Aaron Deitsch, who was assigned to... look over my daughter’s contact was indeed very knowledgable in entertainment law, which was what we needed. More importantly, he was very patient and informative, and extremely pleasant to work with. We were very pleased with everyone we spoke with and highly recommend the more
John F.
00:57 03 Oct 20
I've had terrific experience as a client of Nicole H. and Dylan F. at Romano Law. They have represented the Firm well and I would wholeheartedly recommend working with their team. I especially appreciated the communication - it was very easy to schedule calls with them and they always took the time... to explain their counsel and provide more
Sleiman M.
18:21 29 Sep 20
I had the best experience and best professional help I could have dreamed of. the counsel always took the time and effort to explain the judicial possibilities and possible outcome and I am so thankful for all the team at romano law. they are not only experienced but also very emphatic and I am... ever more
Jared S.
20:00 15 Sep 20
Thorough, detail-oriented, and utterly professional. Domenic and his team care about their clients and work hard to achieve successful results on their behalf. They constantly make themselves available, and frequently go beyond the call of duty.
Adam C
12:02 15 Sep 20
I've had a very positive experience with Romano Law. Having no experience in forming and launching a company, they walked me through all the critical steps and followed up throughout my first year to check on the company and provide further advice.
Liam S.
21:24 02 Sep 20
I can't say enough good things about working with Romano Law. From my initial introduction, to their ability to quickly get up to speed regarding the business was extremely helpful and integral to our contractual negotiations.
Carolyn H.
13:32 02 Sep 20
I worked closely with Domenic Romano personally when I started a music entertainment LLC. I was a novice and he walked me through every step of the way. I...
المحامي تركي بن ر.
20:49 27 Aug 20
Robert D.
14:22 25 Aug 20
Romano Law embodies that unique combination of strategy and execution. They listen, provide wise counsel and then make it happen - directly or through a network of partners. We've consistently had exceptional experience and will continue to rely them.
wendell K.
15:36 24 Aug 20
Responsiveness is everything when our Board of Director’s needed an attorney firm. We were referred by a freind, our first engagement with Romano Law firm. They listened and was very sensitive to our needs. More importantly, they were honest and professional in their responses. We felt... immediately relieved after our first engagement. Domenic and Aaron were our champions. Our legal needs were completed timely. I also appreciated they requested a Post meeting with no charge. We will continue using their services moving more
Carolyn H.
23:58 23 Aug 20
Domenic is more than an attorney. He truly listens, cares and wants the best outcome for his clients. He also hears what's "unsaid" and that speaks to his high EQ. His intelligence, graciousness, tenacity and insight is invaluable. I've known him for over 20 years and he continues to be my go-to... for any issues or projects I may have that require his more
Momoe S.
01:56 24 Jul 20
I recently received legal assistance from Romano Law and am overall happy that they were able to fulfill what I requested. In particular, they were easy to communicate with and were responsive to any inquiries that I had.
Mike C
21:25 10 Jul 20
I have nothing but great things to say about Romano Law. I reached out around a year ago for contract negotiations and to form an LLC and they stuck by the entire time while the negotiations stalled and made sure I got the deal that I wanted. Paolo and Shamila were amazing and I can't thank them... enough.If you're from Canada like me and looking to form a US LLC, Romano Law is the place for more
Danielle F.
12:46 02 Jul 20
Grateful to have found Romano Law. They were extremely professional and committed to getting the job over the finish line. I recommend them highly.
Gonzalo G.
17:34 27 Jun 20
Great and professional team. Constant communication, very clear in the explanation and fantastic result.
Matt B.
01:03 27 Jun 20
I’ve been using Romano Law for the past 2 years, and they are the most professional and honest law firm that I’ve ever worked with. I want to give a special thanks to Paolo for taking calls late at night, and helping me with my business. I feel safer knowing that Romano Law has my back, and... provides the best service out there. I would highly recommend reaching out for at least a consultation and you will see how wonderful they are to work with. 5/5 - A+read more
David R.
04:53 26 Jun 20
Warren R.
13:27 23 Jun 20
Our company has developed a significant amount of intellectual property over the past 12 years and occasionally we must protect it from infringers. We have used several firms for various actions, but so far Nicole at Romano has been the best in the business for our needs. We've worked with her... on three cases so far, and each one has been handled exceptionally well and quickly obtained our desired outcome. We highly recommend Nicole and Romano Law, and we really appreciate their excellent and professional more
Erin R.
14:40 11 Jun 20
I can't say enough about my positive experience with Romano Law. They are responsive, professional and proactive. I've never had such efficient and effective interactions with a legal team, so they completely exceeded my expectations. I recommend working with the team at Romano Law to anyone... looking for great counsel from great people!read more
Joseph R.
17:56 10 Jun 20
Everyone at the firm is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough. BTW, we are not related.
Michael B
02:30 29 May 20
Before choosing a law firm for my case, I spent some time ‘interviewing’ different firms to get a feel for which would be the best fit for my dispute. From the very beginning, it was clear that Romano Law was a step above the rest.Domenic and Shamila spent a lot of time carefully listening to my... case, answering my questions, and educating me on all of the applicable laws surrounding my dispute. They helped me understand my options and ultimately made my hiring decision an easy one.Once retained, they were quick to act on my behalf and were excellent at articulating my side of the story, and my demands, in an assertive and professional manner.While I hope that I won’t be needing legal representation again in the future, in the event that I do, I know who I’m more
Ania P.
01:58 22 May 20
My sister and I hired Romano law to help us with our business shares buy out. Searching for a good, helpful and understanding lawyer was really frustrating. We needed help to figure out what our best option was and also to get satisfying result. Romano Law was recommended to us by Patricia Warner... from Covenant Seven, a small business consulting firm. I was surprised when soon after I filled out an online form I received a call from Domenic. He was very informative and instructive. Everyone who worked with us was very helpful. I really appreciated the level of involvement and patience from Dylan and Nicole. Would definitely recommend their firmread more
Aaron K.
01:56 13 May 20
I can't say enough great things about the entire Romano Law team. I'm a retail brand owner and I've had the pleasure of working with Domenic, Shaliz, and Shamila on two separate contracts (one for a celebrity endorsement deal, and another for a merchandise licensing agreement) and my experiences... with them were nothing short of fantastic both times. Throughout both of these projects, I was really struck by the level of commitment and care that the entire team had in making sure that my interests were being protected at all times in addition to having a very strong grasp of my particular business needs in order to help me strategize accordingly while never losing sight of the "big picture." I also appreciate how they were always available to me if I had questions and would take the time out to carefully walk me through every step of the process anytime that I was confused about how things worked. Not only is Romano a great law firm, but its made up of absolutely wonderful people and I give them my highest recommendation!read more
Andrew L.
13:51 01 May 20
Romano Law is our first call whenever we have a legal question or issue to address. We've greatly valued working with them for many years because they're always available, always calm and methodical in their approach to our situation, and always very much in our corner. I strongly recommend... Domenic and his team. You'll be in good more
Pardis P.
19:36 28 Apr 20
Romano Law has been very attentive to my needs in getting my LLC established. They have also had the contacts to assist me in establishing bookkeeping and accounting for my Mediumship and Healing practice. I highly recommend them not only for their professionalism but also their quick turn... around. More importantly they have been wonderful with answering questions and taking the time to explain issues. As a former lawyer, I know all too well how lawyers can be! So trust when I say that this is a wonderful law firm to work with. You will be more
Darcy L.
17:53 28 Apr 20
Domenic Romano and his team at Romano Law are quality people and true professionals. They are diligent, dedicated attorneys who genuinely care. Their level of excellence is undoubtedly paramount to their success. Having worked with Romano Law for many years now, I highly recommend them to anyone... seeking advice, consultation, or more
Bryan P.
19:37 10 Apr 20
Romano Law is our go to small business attorney! They are always able to help us resolve any contract issues that we run into and we are grateful for all of the work that they do for us!
Michael M.
18:22 01 Apr 20
My partner and I engaged Romano law to help negotiate terms with an Entertainment Contract. Domenic and his team were extremely accessible and helpful throughout the process, and we feel strongly that their consultation resulted in the best possible deal. Well worth the investment and would... definitely come back to Romano Law for any related consultation or more
Elijah H.
19:48 27 Mar 20
I just had an over phone meeting with Rachel R. and she is absolutely amazing. I was even more surprised to find out that she is a new associate. She truly was a pleasure to speak with. Thank you, please keep up the good work- it makes the difference.
salah @
14:05 26 Mar 20
I don't usually write reviews on anything! But For Romano Laws I'll do it with a big smile!It was a quick experiencing dealing with Romano but it was enough for me to consider them my first recommendation for all my future clients. The conversations that I had with Dominic made feel comfortable... and assured me that I have the support and backup from really amazing more
Edward V.
18:02 21 Mar 20
Great experience. Team at Romano law was responsive, efficient and worked with me on a tight deadline to execute a deal during significant uncertainty in the market. Highly recommended.
Louis M.
13:26 13 Mar 20
Yin Z.
05:38 21 Feb 20
Great experience worked with Romano Law! Thanks to Domenic and Dylan, my problem got resolved in a very professional and efficient way, also with a reasonable price. Absolutely, attorneys of Romano Law are professional and responsible. Not only they will take care on the current case, but also they... will help on preventing you from potential troubles in the future. Lots of appreciations for their outstanding work!read more
Ariella S.
01:04 06 Feb 20
Romano Law exceeded all my expectations. My attorney Paolo was extremely responsive, creative, and detail-oriented in navigating a drawn out dissolution process. With some law firms, you risk either hiring either a sterile litigator who sees you as a nameless/faceless client paying the bills, or... someone who is sloppy in their legal work. Paolo and the team were neither of those; they were airtight in their legal work/negotiating and also always ensured I felt valued and prioritized as a client. I couldn't imagine a better law more
Alison H.
19:10 28 Jan 20
The team at Romano Law are awesome. They provide practical, clear answers, options and expert direction while also being empathetic and professional about your personal situation. I felt heard and I felt supported by the entire team and their dedication to helping me resolve the situation was... genuine and so very much appreciated. I trust that they had my welfare in mind before anything else. Highly recommend and plan to keep them as my legal team for any future needs for my small business and my more
Micaela E.
17:41 23 Jan 20
I was fortunate to work with Aaron and I can say that he was engaged in active listening throughout our meetings/interactions and I felt that he was really on my side to understand what I requested. To be specific, I was pleased by how he leveled with me and explained the complexities of the law... and legal terms in a friendly and easier way. I was also pleased by the fact that he was considerate of my time and because he returned phone calls and e-mails quickly. I recommend his services. Again thank you for your assistance. Danielread more
Kelly D.
21:21 14 Dec 19
I couldn't have asked for a better team. Most of my communication was with Leah and Shamila, both of whom were really patient with me and talked me through each step of the process. Thank you to EVERYONE involved!
Ray D.
09:25 09 Dec 19
I've been working with Romano Law for more than 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about them. They're the perfect partners for a small...
Joseph S.
02:46 27 Nov 19
Romano Law helped me navigate a sticky situation. My business had been sent a demand letter from a very large b2b sales lead list provider. An employee had been prospecting heavily lists we were not paying for. Romano Law helped me reach a very favorable settlement, and helped educate me... throughout the process. The experience working with their whole team was refreshing and enjoyable. I highly recommend their more
Bryan L.
20:59 26 Nov 19
Romano Law is the best. Shaliz is an amazing attorney who saved my company!
Gene F.
22:33 06 Nov 19
I am a CPA with more than 40 years of experience in public accounting and investment banking. In the course of my career, I have had frequent occasion to interact with many of the nation's leading law firms. Recently, Romano Law successfully represented me in connection with a complex and... challenging legal dispute. In all respects, the performance of Romano Law far exceeded my expectations. In my estimation, Romano Law consistently displayed an unsurpassed level of professionalism, sophistication, responsiveness and integrity. Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend the legal services of Romano more
Jake B.
19:24 19 Oct 19
Romano Law has been an absolute pleasure to work with! I engaged the team to assist with a stock option agreement between myself and my business partner. They guidance they provided was phenomenal. They understood exactly how to phrase things to be fair and get the deal signed with little to no... push back from my partner. They also provided great recommendations for tax guidance on this subject.They understood the time sensitivity of the matter and made themselves available to fast track the drafting of all our agreements. Romano Law is now my go to corporate legal team.Thanks for the help guys!read more
Paul A.
19:57 15 Oct 19
The team at Romano Law were brilliant when it came to getting through to a challenging client. I'm not sure how a small business like mine could have so successfully negotiated this particular contract without their strategic, detail oriented approach with such a giant, slow moving, corporate... entity .read more
Celaniel S.
07:54 12 Oct 19
Romano Law's AMAZING Team is simply the BEST! Everything about what they do is simply Brilliant and Exceptional. My experience with Sam and Aaron was...
Yuval R.
22:36 26 Sep 19
I am a music producer and songwriter, and was referred to Romano Law by a friend. I came in for a consultation with Mr. Samuel Madden, and consequently had him draft an agreement for me. The whole experience was top-notch! Mr. Madden and the staff were very friendly and accommodating, and answered... any questions I had clearly and promptly. Mr. Madden showed remarkable professionalism, and went out of his way to make sure everything in the agreement catered to my needs and was delivered on time. I was also introduced to Mr. Romano, and it is clear that the firm is looking to build long-lasting relationships with their clients. Highly recommended!read more
Ginette N.
15:29 25 Sep 19
Leah and others were amazing! Thank you!!!
Ali M.
15:53 23 Sep 19
I was referred to Romano Law in 2016 through the New York City Bar Association for help with entertainment law, specifically signing contracts within the entertainment industry.Before working with Domenic Romano, I was anxious about signing a legal document in what can be a competitive industry.... I held off on signing anything for 9 months because of how intimidating the process was. But when I finally met with Domenic, I was put at ease. He walked me through the process of contract negotiation, translated the legal jargon into everyday language, and gave me advice on what was best for my career.I hired Domenic for legal representation because of how easy he and his team are to work with. They are quick to return my messages, took the time to get to know me, remember who I am, and are just genuinely friendly people.After being with Romano Law for three years and working with them on multiple projects, I give them my highest recommendation. I feel well represented and now have the confidence to tackle new opportunities in the entertainment more
Ryan P.
15:53 20 Sep 19
I have been a long time client of Romano Law. I work in the film production industry with high profile clients like Google, Universal Music, Entertainment One, WME, National geographic and many music artists which I direct and produce promos for. Romano law has been a guiding force for most of my... career. From helping to guide deals and contracts, recover money owed, and help foster a filmmaking career. It helps to not worry about the business and legal aspect of entertainment when you have a good team like Romano law behind you. Currently they are helping to guide a documentary series with a major network and studio, I feel better knowing I don't have the be the one negotiating, and Romano law have ideas that I did not think about previously. I trust the guidance and often that needs to stretch beyond just legal matters. The team is attentive, Domenics knowledge of the industry and law is unparalleled and his demeanor of being compassionate yet firm helps to get things done quickly and in your favor. Excited to continue to build on the work we have done and the new prestigious series in the more
Celaniel S.
20:42 16 Sep 19
Romano Law's AMAZING Team is simply the BEST! Everything about what they do is simply Brilliant and Exceptional. My experience with Sam and Aaron was outstanding and they were a pleasure to work with. The level of integrity and honesty they approached my case with complimented greatly the... professionalism they showed and supported the personal bond they build with their clients to afford them not only superior service, but also a compassionate and supportive team. Event if the case was not grand in scale, Mr. Romano and his team gave the same level of quality care and attention, regardless of the scale of the case at hand.From the first meeting I had with Romano Law, I could tell the level of care and quality they brought to the table could stand as an example for any law firm across the country. My impression was fully built upon the breadth of knowledge and service they provided me, and the outstanding work ethic and level of compassion they showed me throughout. Through their tireless efforts and diligence, they were able to help me reach a settlement that was beyond my expectations and provide me with the confidence that in the future, should I need top notch representation, I now know who to call.I cannot express enough how amazing my experience was with Romano Law, and I cannot recommend enough their services to anyone, big or small, who needs the best representation and the highest level of regard towards your legal needs. They truly care more about being that helping hand in your time of need, than trying to take advantage of someone in a dire situation. The Romano Law team is the type that will make you wish you could find a way to repay them for their kindness beyond the casework, and will give you a sense, nay a desire to pay forward the good will they provide to more
Diane B.
14:16 02 Sep 19
I've been a client of Romano Law for the past five years. Not only have Domenic and his team helped me value what I do in a more holistic way, they've crafted deals that protect me against unexpected surprises. If you're a creative person -- writer, producer, graphic artist, whatever -- I would... recommend reaching out to them. It's money well more
Diane B.
12:19 28 Aug 19
I signed up for Yelp just to write a review for Domenic and his team. I've been a client for almost five years and have to say that they've saved me more...
Anoop D.
14:14 12 Aug 19
I first contacted Romano Law through the NYC Bar Legal Referral Service to help set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Even though the first consult was through a free service, I always felt like I had their full attention and best effort throughout the process. Not only that, Domenic and Sam are genuine... people who have taken an interest in me and my career far beyond the call of duty. More than anything, it feels like they are interested in cultivating a great network from great clients. In any industry, that kind of support is more
Barry B.
05:05 04 Aug 19
Great and dedicated team. I used them for a recent business transaction, they are very torough, extremely responsive, and made sure the excecution should go well..I highly recommend this team for your legal business deals. I was very happy.. a special shout out to Dominic, Paolo, and Shamila.. they... are the best more
John B.
18:41 24 Jul 19
I recently retained Romano Law for a business purchase. They made this closing which was often intense a much easier one. In addition there were moments I was not even certain we would close as the seller and their attorney would often "disappear". Patient and true professionals. Highly... recommended!!!!!read more
Terrance T.
01:35 19 Jul 19
While living in another state, I was in need of an attorney in New York to handle a breach of contract negotiation with a large entertainment company. I was fortunate enough to find Romano Law and was very pleased with the services provided. They were always quick to return my calls, answer... emails, and negotiated a settlement in my favor.I highly recommend Romano Law; no task is too large for this firm. Thanks Domenic and Shamila!read more
Jim G.
21:45 18 Jul 19
I recently engaged Romano Law for a dispute. I was very concerned about choosing a firm that had a strong history of representing their clients in a strong and ethical way. I was very cautious in selecting Romano as I did not know what to expect out of a New York Law Firm. My experience was... incredible. From the first day speaking with Domenic and then further with their entire staff, I was impressed with their professionalism, their focus and listening to my needs and wants and not pushing an independent agenda. Nicole Haff was a amazing!!!! She and the team fought hard for me and I was completely satisfied. If you are looking for representation and not sure who to pick, please call Romano today!read more
Mieriem A.
15:28 06 Jul 19
Got one hour legal advice, satisfied with the service.
shivani C.
12:33 04 Jul 19
We had engaged Romano’s legal services for a recent professional negotiation and were very happy with their service. They ensured a quick and comprehensive review of all documents with astute insights. I would definitely recommend their service.
Sal L.
23:48 30 Jun 19
I have had the great privilege to become a client of Romano Law and getting to know Domenic Romano and two of his staff attorneys, Paolo and Aaron. This law firm should be the standard of every law firm with respect to their subject matter knowledge, integrity and customer service. In the field of... sports law which I hired them for, they are second to none and I have no doubt they lead the industry in the specialized field of entertainment law as well. I have absolutely no reservation to recommend Romano Law firm and Domenic Romano. They are simply the more
John C.
15:38 28 Jun 19
They're fantastic. Fast, responsive and smart. They brought my issue to a quick and excellent resolution!!! Highly recommended.
Paul N.
15:09 16 Jun 19
I retained Romano Law to help negotiate terms of a film industry contract. They were very attentive to my desire for fair terms without sacrificing my interests. They also acted professionally and in a timely manner.More recently, they made themselves available to research a potential breach of... contract, where they acted professionally and timely yet again.This firm is several cuts above other so-called "great" lawyers I have retained before, and not only do I highly recommend them, but I look forward to retaining them again in the more
Rob C.
20:46 14 Jun 19
I highly recommend the Romano Law team - not just on the technical side, but on helping me to define what I want and to negotiate effectively. Romano Law supported a multi-phase negotiation resulting which I hadn't experienced before. I am happy with the process of working with them and the... outcome of the deal. This agreement promises to be the foundation for years of work to more
gina B.
19:44 13 Jun 19
I've been thrilled with the work Romano Law has done for my company. I have relied on them to review and edit client contracts and have appreciated their communication, professionalism and expertise.
Mike P.
00:43 08 Jun 19
Romano Law is a very well run firm. Domenic and Aaron successfully handled a contract dispute for me. I couldn't be happier that I chose to hire them. Definitely will be back for future needs.
Sel W.
21:10 17 May 19
A big thanks to the team at Romano Law, they were efficient, knowledgable and achieved the result I needed in the quickest amount of time. I highly recommend them - their expertise and their service. Thank you!
Samuel T.
20:11 17 May 19
The Romano Law firm is simply the Best! They got the issue resolved quickly and helped us reach a good settlement. Without their help, we could have gone down a long road of papers and no results. Thank you for your outstanding work!
Todd S.
18:52 12 May 19
I was incredibly impressed with the level of expertise, professionalism, and integrity I encountered with Domenic and the team at Romano Law. I faced a challenging matter, with much complexity, and tough opposition, but they took it in stride, handled the issues diligently, and achieved the best... possible outcome against the odds. All the while, they were friendly, polite, prompt, and attentive to my concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend these legal miracle workers. They’re clearly one of the best boutique firms out more
Darla M.
18:44 11 May 19
I cannot say enough good things about Romano Law. I highly recommend their services. Everything about my experience (the initial consultation, scheduling the appointment, the office space, the meeting, and the follow up) was above and beyond what I expected.(A more thorough review is... below):---I spent an embarrassing amount of time researching every single entertainment law firm in the NY area (creeped social media, read reviews, looked up other clients etc) and I'm beyond thrilled that I chose Romano.Minutes after filling out a brief online form I was able to speak to someone on their team on the phone for an initial consultation, which was extremely helpful. I am new to all this and wasn't sure what type of services I required. Dylan walked me through the various options and based on my limited budget and the scope of my project we decided it made sense for me to book an hour-long meeting with one of their lawyers.Booking the appointment was a smooth process. They have openings in the evening, which is helpful for 9-5ers and they were also very accommodating when I had to change my appointment date.The office space itself is modern, clean, spacious, and well-appointed. We met in a conference room that had views of the river. It's also convenient to get to via the subway.I met with Domenic (aka Romano himself!), Leah, and Dylan--so really I got three great lawyers for the price of one! I was so impressed with the amount of research they did on me and my project PRIOR to our meeting. That meant I didn't have to spend time catching them up and instead they were able to jump right in with suggestions. Their expertise and experience in this field were very apparent and their ideas and recommendations were invaluable. Not only were they tremendously knowledgeable, but they were also very pleasant to chat with. They were easygoing, patient, and friendly. I actually had a lot of fun meeting with them!After the meeting, they spent additional time reaching out to their contacts and doing more research for my case and followed up with that new information via email. Also, they touched base with me to see how an event related to my project went, which was very thoughtful.Overall, I would highly recommend using Romano Law whether you're a large company with a huge budget or someone like me who's working independently, is self-funded, and had no idea where to begin!read more
Julie T.
15:51 07 May 19
Have received quick, courteous and professional work multiple times with this firm. Paolo is a delight to work with.
Rob K.
18:01 03 May 19
My experience with Romano Law was fantastic. I needed to put together contracts and form an LLC and they were fantastic throughout the whole process. They made everything painless and easy. If I ever needed them, or had any questions they would get back to me quickly and consistently put me at... ease. I would gladly work with them again and will recommend to my more
Eli M.
12:24 26 Apr 19
It was my first time working with a legal team, and from the first phone conversation I knew I was working with the right people.Domenic Roman and his team were there for me every step of the way with professionalism and care. Winning my case and getting me the settlement I deserved. I can't thank... them more
Nicolas S.
12:17 19 Apr 19
Great Experience with Domenic Romano who has been an outstanding counsel to me. In the end, I was able to settle a dispute in very favorable terms too. I recommend.
David L.
19:12 05 Apr 19
Domenic and his team are great - unfailingly professional, prompt, and responsive. They helped me set up an LLC and made a potentially complex process very easy. I recommend Romano Law enthusiastically.
Caley A.
19:15 04 Apr 19
Romano Law has been incredibly helpful to me for my business. They built out a bunch of my contract documents and paperwork, and are always there whenever I need them. They are really prompt to respond, and always happy to talk me through various ins and outs of legal situations that arise. I am so... grateful to have them. They are also very prompt to respond and turn around requests if they are urgent, and overall fantastic to work more
Kristina K.
19:12 01 Apr 19
Sam was a gem to work with! He really went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and understood the management contract we were working on. Patient, hospitable and extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to working with him and this firm again!
Scott H.
13:57 21 Mar 19
With very little knowledge of the industry I was meeting with Romano Law for advice and guidance on how to move a project forward. From scheduling the consultation to the follow up e-mail I received after the consultation, I felt as if I was their primary concern. The attorneys and support staff... were helpful, professional and knowledgeable. My motivation is not only in making my project a success, but to developing a long lasting relationship with this great group of people!read more
Jon C.
02:56 09 Mar 19
I was really grateful that I found Romano Law. I was able to get a consultation very fast under urgent circumstances. Domenic and Shamila both offered a service that was perfectly considered for my circumstances, helping me to build confidence for a negotiation by better understanding my industry... rights, comparable working conditions in the USA and the situation within my contract. They were patient, professional and personable and got me the result that I wanted. I recommend them highly!read more
Forsaken F.
16:47 19 Feb 19
In my first consultation with Domenic I was honestly very impressed by, not only his rational and extremely sharp demeanor, but his frankness - realism is something I personally value greatly. It was very clear that I was dealing with a consummate professional and someone who would not sugar-coat... the truth.This team not only explored every possible route to victory when analyzing my case, but were clear and concise in explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. They were extremely patient with me and took great care to listen to what I had to say and even incorporate that into our strategy - and their hard work and diligence paid off.I highly recommend Romano Law!read more
Paul B.
06:53 14 Feb 19
Romano Law was referred to me by a good friend and I couldn't be more thrilled. Excellent contract negotiations, super quick responses and top notch counsel. Dominic, Samuel, and Leah are totally on point. I definitely plan on staying with the firm and truly feel I am in great hands.
Ben S.
23:58 26 Nov 18
If you are searching for the absolute best IP law team in NYC, look no further. Domenic, Sam, and the rest of the team bring the perfect blend of toughness and legal brilliance to their approach. I was having an ugly dispute with my employer who was inexplicably withholding payment but still... profiting off my work. Domenic and Sam worked tirelessly on my behalf, and my employer settled immediately and I had my $ within days. Romano Law is without a doubt the team you want in your more
15:53 28 Sep 18
I came to Romano Law through a referral. Domenic Romano took time to explain my options for an employment related issue. The staff, especially Paolo, was courteous, knowledgeable and they took the time to explain what was happening and communicated in a timely manner.If another legal situation... arises I will definitely call Romano more
Nancy T.
08:42 18 Sep 18
Best employment law firm I could ask for. Overall the full team was great to work with but Domenic and Anjana were super star lawyers. I had a complex...
Chip M.
21:39 29 Aug 18
I'm a longtime literary agent (more than 20 years), and I've worked with Domenic, Kelly, and Shaliz on several projects over the years. They have always been helpful, clearly know their stuff, and have gone above and beyond to assist us with our clients. I have also sent several authors and... celebrities their way, when a contract issue required an experienced entertainment attorney. They have my full confidence -- highly more
Valerie C.
18:45 23 Aug 18
We found Romano Law online while looking for help with an existing web domain purchase; the article they wrote on the topic was such a great resource that we decided to to engage them for the project. Since then, Romano Law has also helped us with our trademark application process, and negotiated... a design contract for us, and they've absolutely stellar on all counts.As a start-up nonprofit business we have had to consult with many law firms, but Romano Law is truly a cut above the rest. The Romano Law team is responsive, knowledgable, and consummately professional. On top of providing consistently reliable legal advice, Domenic seems genuinely excited about our project, and he's connected us with other contacts in his network to help forward our mission. Anjana Puri worked on our complicated trademark application, and is excellent. And everyone in the Romano Law office is friendly, courteous, and helpful without fail.All around excellent--highest possible recommendation!read more
Anthony F.
22:39 14 Apr 18
Really pleased with the firm's focus, knowledge, and diligence. They'll fight for you, no question.
Joe G.
17:40 22 Mar 18
A great client experience. Romano Law was extremely attentive to detail and very thorough in their work with my company. I will be utilizing Romano Law moving forward without hesitation.
Steve D.
11:57 20 Mar 18
I recently completed contract negotiations on a documentary project and was advised to let Romano Law review the agreement and advise. What ended up happening with the Romano attorneys was magical and I just signed off on a new version of this agreement and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you... Romano Law!read more
Tom K.
05:29 17 Mar 18
Quick response and always helpful in answering questions with relevant advice.
Christopher S.
15:22 24 Feb 18
Always a quick response. Always helpful to lay out the details. Always a pleasure to have a conversation and work towards finding the best solutions! 100% recommend.
Andrey N.
07:06 23 Feb 18
Helped me with incorporating an LLC. Good service, fair price. Not much else to say here because my request was fairly generic, but I would certainly...
Doug S.
15:30 13 Feb 18
Domenic, Elizabeth and all the staff have been a pleasure to deal with. A highly professional and attentive collective, I highly recommend them.
Alex T.
14:43 24 Jan 18
I'm writing here to communicate my phenomenal experience of having worked closely with Romano Law PLLC, which resulted in the creation of a completely customized Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for my technology startup.Another reviewer already hit the nail on the head: "Romano Law practices law... at the highest standard of the profession." This statement captures the essence of what it's like to work with the attorneys here. Every email and phone call was professional and friendly, ending with all questions answered, all issues resolved, all doubt erased, and all expectations exceeded.Like all tech startups exploring new terrain, a host of potential legal complications follow. These situations — unique to every company — can only be dealt with effectively by attorneys who have mastered their craft and can adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Paolo was able to do just that and create Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents that intelligently and surgically protect my company and its assets, while providing enough leeway to encourage quick growth. All I had to do was relay my vision for the organization, and Paolo and his feedback loops did the rest.Paolo was completely transparent and honest throughout the process, including when he was uncomfortable answering more delicate questions. These were relayed to senior attorneys and promptly resolved. Paolo was especially good at determining what's extremely important to the company's best interests, and reiterating those points to me — even after I'd been stubborn. After further thought, he was most certainly right about the most contentious suggestion.The most important takeaway for me was how little I really knew about the science that goes into crafting legal documents. This huge learning experience would have been painful, had it not been for Paolo's transference of knowledge and patiently bearing with all my crazy questions. Upon reviewing the documents, it dawned on me that if I had worked with another law firm, it's possible I wouldn't have known that documents of the highest quality had just been delivered. With Romano Law, you know you're working with the best because the work speaks for itself.Last but not least, when working with Romano Law you can tell they're about more than just business. They're good people looking to work with good people and form lasting relationships. The world could use more of this kind of company.Should my startup succeed, I hope to be working with Romano Law for a very long time. I can't recommend them more
Frances M.
15:31 10 Jan 18
Exceptional service, commitment, and professionalism. I have employed Romano Law's services on a couple of legal matters and will continue with them on all future matters.
John Duval J.
18:06 09 Jan 18
I've worked with Domenic and Leah for over a year and can attest that they are highly professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.
Charles O.
20:56 07 Jan 18
I have worked with Domenic and his team since 2005. Romano Law is always there to guide, support and make it all go smoothly. They are always available and there for you.
Kristina W.
21:53 08 Dec 17
Romano law came to my aid when I needed some quick advice on a pressing legal matter. Their attention to detail and their process of keeping help at the front of what they do rather than nickel and diming was a breath of fresh air. I was so impress I have slowly moved all of my legal work to them.... Leah is really great to work with!read more
Melody Y.
23:51 01 Dec 17
Domenic, Shaliz, Elizabeth and Leah have been extremely helpful with many projects of mine. I've been a client with them for the last 4 years and they have always did their part in representing me and our Theatre Company. I definitely recommend them to anyone seeking for Entertainment lawyers. They... are well connected, experienced and know what their more
Bubble S.
23:26 01 Dec 17
Romano Law has been extremely helpful through many incidences with our production. We've been their clients for 4 years and will continue to be.
Steve L.
19:57 11 Oct 17
Domenic (and Shaliz!) have been representing me for 5+ years and I couldn't ask for a better team. My business and career have flourished with their support. They are there whenever I need them, and with a rare personal touch - they're not just "my lawyer(s)" but I also consider them friends....

If you're looking for an entertainment rep, I wholeheartedly couldn't give a higher recommendation than Romano Law.
read more
Larry G.
16:02 09 Oct 17
I couldn’t be more pleased with the services and professionalism provided by Romano Law. Marie did an excellent job tailoring contracts to our needs based on operational issues that we’ve encountered in the past. Domenic is also a great partner and has always been very helpful providing counsel and... sharing advice. I have and will continue with recommend Romano more
gw F.
18:23 01 Oct 17
For the last 15 years, RomanoLaw has stood by me and my manufacturing businesses with legal advice. Beginning when Domenic first hung out his shingle, the company has worked efficiently and effectively on matters as diverse as authoring sales contracts to developing marketing packages to... negotiating an international private equity acquisition. They are sweet when you need sweet, tough when you need tough, and they always know what they are doing.Whitman FieldPerastic, LLC1704 N Park Dr Suite 508Wilmington, DEread more
zena L.
19:07 28 Sep 17
Domenic and Shaliz are attentive and knowledgeable. I can talk to them about anything big or small, highly recommend them and their team.
Antoine J.
03:36 19 Sep 17
I received excellent advice from the team at Romano Law. Their lawyers were very knowledgeable and consistently answered my questions with expertise and clarity. I also appreciated that they were able to go beyond the pure legal expertise and complement it with a practical view of the business... aspects of the situation. Highly more
Douglas M.
10:57 29 Aug 17
I've worked with Domenic and his team at Romano Law on various film and media projects over the last three years, and working with them has made all the difference. From day one Domenic and his team have been professional, friendly, and have made everything incredibly easy for me, all the while... working tirelessly on my behalf. Domenic and his team have become trusted advisors to me, who are more than willing to lend their years of expertise in the entertainment industry to offer guidance. I am consistently impressed with their ability to secure excellent contracts -thanks to their help I've been able to secure the rights to a very competitive property, under an incredible deal that could not have come without Romano Law's assistance. I simply cannot recommend them any more
Alex T.
10:43 23 Jul 17
I found Romano Law on Yelp, so it seems the appropriate thing to do is to pay it forward with another review of my fantastic experience.I had created a...
15:46 05 Jul 17
Romano law works with professionalism and charisma that I have certainly appreciated throughout the years. Dom makes the complexities of highly complex and structured situations understandable and relatable in order for me to arrive at the best decision possible. They have truly been helpful over... the years and are a firm I enjoy returning to for help!read more
Biber A.
01:40 29 Jun 17
For more than 5 years Domenic Romano and his team have consistently given my architecture firm great advice, carefully helped crafted agreements and are always a pleasure to deal with. They act more like partners than consultants and care as much about your business as they do your legal matter.... Highly more
Matthew T.
11:44 28 Jun 17
Romano Law has helped both my client and I immensely through various difficult, hard to navigate situations. Domenic's mannerisms always make tense situations tame and help to keep all parties at ease to negotiate in the clearest frame of mind. I'm consistently impressed by the way in which... Domenic and the rest of the firm advice, cater to, and fight for their clients. I'm not sure I've ever written a recommendation before but I feel so strongly about Romano Law, I was compelled more
Alex Z.
00:42 20 Jun 17
Romano law has represented me on a number of occasions. I have been extremely satisfied each time. Domenic, Shaliz and the team are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, responsive and supportive. They were able to accomplish results beyond my expectations in negotiations with lawyers from large... prestigious New York firms. I highly recommend this law firmread more
Amy G.
14:32 19 Jun 17
Lance D.
20:29 15 Jun 17
When researching entertainment lawyers, Romano Law had consistently high ratings. We rolled the dice and gave them a call. Boy, am I glad I did!Romano Law runs a highly professional practice and have abandoned all the typical lawyer stereotypes. They don’t nickel and dime you, they return your... phone calls, they follow up in a very timely fashion, they are extremely knowledgeable, and the lawyer we worked with in particular, Anjana, was very friendly, patient, and really went the extra mile for my company.I feel compelled to leave a review for this fantastic firm. The praise and 5 star ratings they got was the reason why I chose them, and why we will be engaged in a long term relationship with Romano Law. Rest assured, you’re making a great decision working with them.Enthusiastic 5 stars!read more
Jeremiah J.
19:36 30 May 17
Establishing a startup with a complicated business model is almost impossible to do in NYC. Romano Law PLLC made this possible and so much easier for us. They did all the research of the ins and out of the industry we are in. They always go above and beyond our questions, making sure that we are... well-informed and covered in all fronts. What I appreciated the most are the constant follow-ups they do. On many occasions, the team always extended courtesy services that's beyond the scope of our retainer agreement. Domenic's team - Shaliz, Marie and everyone are just awesome professionals to work more
12:42 09 May 17
My wife and I work in television and have been navigating the ever-changing waters of television development deals. I must say that without Domenic and his team at Romano Law, those waters would have been nearly impossible to navigate. The dedication, drive, and work ethic we've experienced with... this firm is unmatched in our experience. Highly more
Larry G.
19:14 14 Apr 17
I highly recommend Romano Law.As founder and CEO of a rapidly growing client services agencies, we reached the tipping point where online legal support wasn’t enough.Domenic and his team have been great partners.They actually paid for their first few months of service by offering free advice... that saved us a considerable expense after our first consultation.Since then we have worked with them to tailor our contacts based on how we work which also has resulted in ongoing savings.Working with Romano Law has definitely been well worth more
17:48 03 Apr 17
I recently retained Romano Law for an important, economically consequential matter in the financial services employment area. Domenic, Shaliz and the rest of the Romano Law team were highly responsive, immediately understood my situation and needs, had extensive experience in similar matters to... draw from, provided effective, sound advice and did it all with a level of professionalism and competence that is equal to that which I have received from the largest firms. But even better than a large firm, I received personal attention from the Partners and a high level of customer service. I can recommend Romano Law without more
Michael M
19:54 31 Mar 17
Domenic Romano has represented my company for about 1 year now.As someone who frequently needs an attorney for various business matters, I've worked with many firms over the years and working with Domenic is truly a pleasure and a breath of fresh air.Domenic puts my business and my interests... first, if there's a big deal on the table that would result in many hours of work for Domenic and his firm, If he does not agree with it, I know I can trust him to guide me in the right direction regardless if that means less work for him.As someone with much experience working with many different firms, above all else that is the most important thing you can look for and sadly it's hard to find these days. Most attorneys just want to bill as many hours as possible.There's also something different about Domenic, besides being a well-rounded attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in the law, Domenic is also extremely knowledgeable on how business is conducted. His advice has not only helped us close deals but has helped improve those deals. Domenic gets my highest more
Danny M.
13:43 14 Mar 17
We're very happy with the work Romano Law has been doing. We have nothing but good things to say about them, we love their whole team, the flexibility, their understanding of the issues, and the overall dedication. It's been a pleasure working with them. We would definitely recommend their... services to others!read more
MozzleStead M.
22:18 02 Mar 17
We were so lucky to have met the team at Romano Law; they handled the formation of a film company so professionally, answering every question explicitly and with great patience and care. They also showed great enthusiasm for our project and the future of our work. Both Anjana and Domenic... protected our interests, were friendly, genuine, had a good sense of humor. Overall, this is the type of firm you want to bring your business to and stay with forever. We look forward to working with them againread more
Amy Devra G.
17:07 24 Feb 17
Josh R.
20:29 27 Dec 16
Domenic and his team at Romano Law are incredible to work with. Extremely honest and followed through on every commitment made to us. We feel like we have an relationship for our professional life set in stone. I would recommend them to anyone who values relationships and communication.
a G.
22:11 19 Dec 16
Have been a client for two years and worked through Shalizeh, Domenic, Marie, and Simon. Romano Law has handled our contracts in the areas of IP licensing, finance, and company formation... from negotiation to drafting. Our company, NEIFI Analytics, provides licensing and consulting services to pro... sports teams for player valuation and evaluation. Domenic in particular helped us to navigate a niche space and establish ourselves in an unclear market. NEIFI couldn't be where we are without Romano more
Ray D.
15:11 07 Dec 16
Highly recommend Romano Law and their staff. I started working with them on a contract and was amazed by the way Romano Law looked at my case from not just my contract but my overall business prospective. They ask questions and provide insight I've never gotten from any other firm. I use Romano... Law for all my legal representation now and have never been in better hands!read more
Josh G.
17:47 05 Dec 16
I have nothing but the highest praise for the team at Romano Law, particularly Shaliz and Domenic but extending to their staff as well. They represent me on personal matters as well as film and TV projects where their knowledge extends the whole spectrum from development to packaging to financing... to production and thru sales/distribution. I think they're razor sharp, great negotiators, economical, and offer fantastic customer support to walk you thru the processes. Ultimately I just find them to be fantastic people and I guarantee you will benefit from having them on your team!read more
Paul S.
19:48 21 Oct 16
I highly recommend Romano Law Firm. Domenic and his team helped me navigate the confusing and emotionally challenging task of separating from my business partner. They guided me thru the buyout process, informed me of the things I needed to consider, and had my back every step of the way. Top... notch service throughout! Highly more
Mainstream E.
14:19 06 Oct 16
Romano Law is thorough, knowledgable, and overall a fantastic law firm to use for any business owner or entertainment professional. Definitely RECOMMEND
Andrew L.
16:16 05 Oct 16
Romano Law serves our film and television production company and their support and expertise has been, and continues to be, absolutely exceptional. I highly recommend Romano Law for film and television professionals looking to move a project forward.
Rasoul P.
18:14 07 Sep 16
Will W.
21:19 01 Aug 16
Romano Law has been an incredible partner for my business. I never once felt like a transactional customer, rather a valued client and human being, and that’s made all the difference. What started as a simple exercise in incorporating my new company has resulted in an ongoing dialogue that has... broadened my thinking about how to grow my business, connected me with likeminded individuals through Romano Law’s ongoing events, and introduced accounting and patent expertise that I was looking for. Domenic, Shaliz and the whole Romano Law team are not only consummate professionals in their field, they’re extraordinary people who go above and beyond every single day. I could not recommend them more
Will W.
21:18 01 Aug 16
Romano Law has been an incredible partner for my business. I never once felt like a transactional customer, rather a valued client and human being, and that’s made all the difference. What started as a simple exercise in incorporating my new company has resulted in an ongoing dialogue that has... broadened my thinking about how to grow my business, connected me with likeminded individuals through Romano Law’s ongoing events, and introduced accounting and patent expertise that I was looking for. Domenic, Shaliz and the whole Romano Law team are not only consummate professionals in their field, they’re extraordinary people who go above and beyond every single day. I could not recommend them more
Leroy Griffith J.
19:10 09 Jun 16
Romano Law is an amazing law firm. They represented me on a case that other lawyers were afraid to take. But Romano law fought for me and won. I was depressed and stressed out before they represented me. But now I've gotten justice and and my smile back. I recommend them 200%. They genuinly care... about their clients. What I really liked, was the fact that they keepth me in the loop as they proceeded with my case. They treated me like family. Much love and respect to the Romano Law more
Artur S.
12:41 26 May 16
Domenic and his team are amazing. I brought them a half-finished business deal that had been held up by the other party's law firm for a couple months and they took initiative and brought it to closing within a few weeks. They effectively worked to protect my best interests while also keeping the... other party happy. They were professional and responsive the entire time, and took care to make sure I understood everything that was going on. I will definitely be going back to them in the more
Adam C.
17:46 18 May 16
I wanted to quickly post about how Romano Law enabled me to sell my business. The combination of having a business broker to get potential buyers to the table, and then having a competent, reasonable, but strong firm representing my interests - allowed me to do what I thought impossible.They... weren’t the first firm I chose, but they certainly were the last. When you have intelligent people working on your behalf, it gives you the peace of mind that you are not climbing an uphill battle. Like most people, I have never sold a business before. Every step of the way my head was spinning, trying to learn as Ia go, wondering if I had made some critical mistake that would end up shooting myself in the foot.All that changed once I retained the services of Romano Law. I could sleep easy knowing that whatever the outcome was, I did not leave anything on the table. The sale eventually went through, and I could not be happier with the results. This has been nothing short of life changing.Don’t leave things up to chance – choose Romano more
Parker W.
18:27 09 Feb 16
Domenic and Shaliz negotiated a severance package with an employer that far exceeded my expectations. They helped me get a deal that was equitable and swift, always taking time to talk through their next steps patiently, and asking if I was comfortable with the terms. What I love about their... style is that they are utterly knowledgeable, handle themselves with class and yet have sharp teeth when they need to strategically get something accomplished.In every negotiation, I always felt like my best interests were a priority for them! These stellar attorneys are accessible, take time to check in frequently and get the job done. Five star firm for sure!read more
Kenneth E.
13:16 15 Sep 15
I am a practicing dentist, practice owner and entrepreneur who resides in Virginia that uses Romano Law. Attorneys Domenic Romano and Shaliz Shadig practice the type of law where the relationship is bigger than the deal. They are easily accessible; get invested in your business venture (at times... they even cheer you on); and are top notch attorneys with the highest level of professionalism. At Romano Law they make me feel like a priority. Kenneth R. Eye II, DDSread more
Graziella C.
19:18 07 Jul 15
How to describe how great they have been for me. I was closed to let go without fighting and then I talked to Domenic and Kiersten. Together we fought and were successful. They were present and available every step of the way. Moreover, this was a cross Atlantic dispute and for them it was not a... problem.
They are not only really good but also nice people ...
too bad, I hope I will not need them in the future but if so, this time , I'll know who to call.
read more
Haley S.
22:36 07 Mar 15
Amazing attorneys who really look out for clients. Domenic and Shalizeh really helped me with my work situation and really guided me on how to protect myself. I highly recommend this excellent team of attorneys who really truly care about their reputation as a business, and how they can help... clients. They are intelligent, ethical and look out for the clients interest. Hire them and you will be glad you did so!read more
Erik R G.
18:16 24 Feb 15
I had the pleasure of working with the Romano Law firm on a recent employment contract negotiation and am pleased to give the whole team my highest praise. If only the company that I was subsequently under contract with, was as professional as the Romano team!From the beginning to the, very... soon after, end of my association with this particular employer, everyone at Romano treated me as family and worked diligently to make sure that not only was I protected, but that I well advised when things went south. I was recommend the firm by a trusted client of mine and as I mentioned, I am happy to give them amy most solid endorsement. Thanks more
Brittany S.
03:54 10 Feb 15
Personable attorneys who provide top-notch service with honesty and integrity.
karen K.
22:19 29 Jan 15
Domenic Romano and his team are magicians. He successfully secured a large sum of money owed to my client. Two other firms refused to take on the case. Romano Law jumped right in with innovative use of social media and tactical legal maneuvers. This firm knows their stuff. Domenic or a member of... his team was readily available to guide me through the process. Success!read more
James P.
02:15 08 Nov 14
We have a unique digital marketing agency with unusual contracts and conditions. We met Romano Law at a Producers Guild of America Event. After a short trial period, we put them on retainer. They have helped us tremendously with a number of challenging contractual matters. Their advice has been... spot on and profitable. In addition, they have been extremely accessible, nice to work with, and honorable. We would recommend Roman Law without more
Reva Oliver T.
03:22 20 Jun 14
Sylvia V.
16:11 05 Jun 14
Romano law has been my legal representation for several years now and I consider them part of my team. Dominic is very knowledgeable and has helped me navigate the very complicated contract world. Shaliz Sadig in particular is a huge asset. Her legal strategy and work ethic has become invaluable... to my business, along with her savvy style of diplomacy in the handling of some of my international clients. Besides the great legal work they do Romano law returns emails and phone calls quickly, sometimes after office hours and weekends. That kind of commitment is NOT easy to find. I couldn't recommend this firm any higher. They are truly one of a more
Jennifer P
23:07 29 Apr 14
THANK YOU for such a wonderful consultation! I am small business owner that was looking to expand my knowledge of state laws, licenses, and other regulations regarding my business. I was absolutely thrilled to work with Rose Massary to figure out exactly what I needed to do in terms of drafting... legal forms, how to file with the state, and other start-up tips to conduct business as appropriately and professionally as possible. She was remarkably efficient, taking careful time to understand all of my concerns regarding security protocols, client restrictions, and trademark usage with prospective contracts.Personally, I am a very timid person and I often get anxious about handling these matters. However, Rose has made this transition worry-free and painless. I have renewed confidence in moving forward and making my business a success. In fact, she has gone above and beyond with crucial tips to safeguard my work, how to prepare for unsavory circumstances (should they arise), and compartmentalizing. These points may seem like common sense, but it doesn't hurt to listen and take note, so this was very much appreciated!Moreover, I would like to mention Jessica, who was so very kind and sincere on the phone and in person. You have all made me feel right at home and you took the time to accommodate me as a person, not as an entity. This is such a crucial part of conducting business, and for this, I cannot say thank you enough. I look forward to working with you all in the future. Blessings!read more
Ian C.
21:04 18 Feb 14
Always grateful to Domenic and his excellent team for their sound advice and counsel on many matters pertaining to independent documentary film. Keep up the great work guys!
Julia El B.
21:20 05 Feb 14
I feel truly lucky to have found such a gem in a city filled with legal practices! The team at Romano Law has helped me to no end, not only in setting up my business, but also drafting cardinal company documents, navigating the ins and outs of the industry, and providing counsel on my behalf. My... success is based on their absolute professionalism, and I couldn't be happier with my experiences with Romano more
23:11 31 Jan 14
What a great experience working with Romano Law!! everyone is so nice and professional!! I would recommend this firm to everyone. Thankyou Romano law:)
Philly P T.
21:13 06 Jan 14
Errico P.
15:35 20 Dec 13
I wish to take this opportunity to thank Domenic Romano and associates for a job "well done". Domenic Romano is an excellent, well informed and hard working lawyer. He is very respectful of all concerned parties. He is confident and has the ability to face any challenge. I'm most impressed with Mr.... Romano's thorough professionalism, his expertise was very important and helpful in bringing about a successful resolution of the case. Thanks again! Errico Polsinelliread more
Rino R.
19:55 08 Dec 13
R. R.
23:18 07 Dec 13
First of all, as a disclaimer, I am Domenic Romano's brother. That said, this is my honest review of his professional legal services.I am a voiceover artist based out of Los Angeles, California (BATMAN, CURIOUS GEORGE, NBC). Domenic and his associates at Romano Law have provided me with well... over a decade of service. Domenic and his team are incredible at what they do. They provide excellent service, one on one communication, and their work is not only detailed but impeccable. They have negotiated contracts for me with NBC, FOX SPORTS, ABC, and other entertainment companies of all sizes, as well as many business contracts and dealings. I can tell you that having Domenic on your team is what you want. He is the most straight shooting, tell-it-like-it-is, knowledgeable, talented lawyer you will ever meet. Plain and simple - he is very very good at what he does. Trust me, I grew up with this guy - which honestly wasn't always easy, but I'll tell you this: when push comes to shove: THIS is the guy you want standing over your right shoulder, and when need be, standing right in front of you.Strong negotiations, yet done with grace and charm; never off-putting, and always gets the results. A+++ for Domenic Romano and ROMANO LAW.Sincerely,Rino RomanoLos Angeles, CAread more
Jeff P.
16:52 27 Nov 13
I had the pleasure of working with Romano Law on multiple projects. Domenic and his team provided instrumental value as legal counsel on the feature documentary Chasing Madoff. Their ability to execute on complex deal structuring and negotiations with honesty, integrity and respect make them a firm... that I recommend to anyone seeking counsel in the entertainment more
James M.
16:48 17 Nov 13
I'm a long time client and currently working with Romano Law on a feature film, a biopic. Romano Law has secured life rights, estate rights and locked our internal deal memo. All crucial elements when producing a film. He's also written up various option agreements and counseled on many... development issues. I highly recommend the team of Romano more
Robert A. RAD D.
07:00 16 Nov 13
As a client of Domenic Romano for several years now I can say firsthand that he, Shaliz, Rose and everyone at Romano Law always provide exceptional service. Domenic and his team are courteous; prompt at returning emails/phone calls and always attentive when it pertains to my legal needs and... concerns. In my profession as a commercial/graphic artist it is imperative for me to have strong representation and guidance when approached with contracts and new client negotiations. Domenic’s knowledge and expertise in law provides me with a great peace of mind so that I can focus on being creative versus having to deal with the stress that can arise from commercial art projects. Domenic and his team have the perfect blend of professionalism and humanity; they are easy to talk to and genuinely pleasant. I highly recommend Romano Law for anyone, in particular in entertainment; seeking legal representation- you will not be more
Tony D.
18:02 14 Nov 13
I have worked with Romano Law extensively with legal matters related to my music career. I'm a singer/songwriter/pianist and their attention to detail and great advice have proven very valuable to me. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again. Domenic, Shaliz and the whole team are a great choice if... you are looking for legal representation in the entertainment more
Tom H.
22:17 11 Nov 13
I can't recommend Domenic Romano, Shaliz Irani and the legal team at Romano Law highly enough. They are knowledgeable and sophisticated legal advisors. They managed a tough negotiation for me and brought it to a satisfactory conclusion. Their expertise is broad and they were meticulous and... accessible throughout the process. Great attorneys for any artists or businesspeople looking to ensure that their interests are properly more
Walker J.
04:51 03 Nov 13
Eric H.
00:11 02 Nov 13
Bar-none, the team at Romano Law are exceptional. They not only produce meticulous contracts, they act as knowledgeable advisors who guide their clients through legal affairs with keen insight and knowledge. They prepare you for battle, doing so with confidence and empowering you in the process.... Also, they really understand artists and designers and I would recommend them to any professional in the more
Dikan S.
23:18 03 Oct 13
Mic L.
20:21 03 Oct 13
Loni Kennedy S.
03:14 29 Sep 13
Sally G.
01:51 29 Sep 13
incredibly professional and super personal!
Kike I.
21:31 26 Sep 13
Dave L.
01:24 22 Sep 13
Roberto M.
14:53 20 Sep 13
Hal C.
18:23 17 Sep 13
The lawyers at Romano law are top-notch. My experience was very positive and likewise they were extremely helpful in advising me for all my needs. Communication was convenient and likewise productive, which made handling matters efficient. The personal touch and diligence is what really separates... Romano Law from others firms I've worked with. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues and any of my future more
Seifali P
02:07 11 Sep 13
I am a recovering lawyer that needed some employment law advice with a new employer. My standards were extremely high and Romano Law met those standards. Great experience and very professional. Highly recommend.
Thomas N Clarrisa Y.
04:16 31 Aug 13
Johanny A.
19:53 16 Aug 13
Yokser U.
04:10 10 Aug 13
Mark S.
16:29 15 Jul 13
Domenic was referred to me by an friend who later produced an academy award for best picture. I knew nothing about him. All I knew was I needed a good entertainment/business lawyer. Domenic negotiated a long and complicated contract over several years. He did such a good job I decided to give him... a bonus practically doubling his commission. He's firm, intelligent, hard working, and takes instructions well. He still represents me. I highly recommend more
Edward P
16:27 14 Jul 13
Romano Law practices law at the highest standard of the profession. They did an excellent job in providing legal and business support in negotiating a television deal for me. I highly recommend Romano Law.
James G.
21:33 04 Jul 13
I had to deal with an extremely difficult time-sensitive situation across several states that involved the closing of an LLC, the review of corporate documents, and the execution of several key documents. I was referred to Romano Law by a personal friend and my overall experience was very... positive. They treated me with respect, provided me with sound counsel and remained professional throughout a very emotional and stressful process. Rose and Domenic in particular handled my case with class. They let me know what my expenses were going to be an offered affordable solutions when there were items I could have easily dealt with myself. I don't know of another law firm that would work with a client like that vs. just racking up billable hours. If I am ever involved in a dispute of this nature again, Romano Law will be my first call. I highly recommend this firm and its more
Alice W.
17:50 25 Jun 13
Domenic absolutely sets the standard for contract negotiators. Twice he expertly negotiated higher compensation and better terms on my behalf. I never realized how much better a contract could become with the right person going to bat for you. I am continually impressed by Domenic's sharp insight,... efficiency, and ease of communication. I highly recommend more
Selena M.
21:02 24 Jun 13
Dominic and Shaliz are the dynamic duo! Their entire staff is so attentive and helped me every step of the way. They still continue to check in with me to make sure everything in my business is going well. I highly recommend Romano Law without a doubt!Selena McCartney
Francesco P.
13:47 21 Jun 13
Domenic and his team are stellar legal partners to have on board.I had a complex music licensing issue that Domenic and his team handled with poise and confidence, keeping me informed all along the way. His team was also my choice for setting up my LLC and working on my short film to secure... international contracts.Domenic's greatest strength is his uncanny ability to negotiate on behalf of his clients--he also always keeps me apprised before engaging the team and is quick to respond with thoughtful answers. His counsel is always balanced, informed and comes from years of experience in an ever-changing industry.After having tapped Domenic's resources on a few occasions, I can totally recommend him and his team. They're current, collaborative, informed, thoughtful, experts in what they do and nice people to work with. You won't be more
Brittany S.
23:28 18 Jun 13
In 2010, I ran into problems with a modeling contract, and I called upon Romano Law for help. The legal woe was stressful, but I am thankful I had a knowledgeable, diligent, and personable team to guide me through everything. I am not an elite figure, and my funds were limited. Nevertheless,... Domenic and Shaliz treated my case with utmost importance. They were very persistent in following up with my former agent's lawyers. Any questions I had were answered in a timely and thorough manner.Another distinctive aspect of Romano Law is their interest in building relationships with clients and assisting you beyond legal matters. Domenic introduced me to a friend of his in the fashion industry. I appreciate that he went yet another extra mile to help me.I continue to recommend Romano Law to friends and colleagues. Not only can you rely on Domenic and his associates for sound legal advice, you can trust that they have your best interest in more
David H.
13:42 07 Jun 13
A very serious team that will spend the time so you can reach your goals.That's what Domenic Romano's team of experts will do.For once, we didn't feel like we had to compromise between a dedicated small team and a powerful huge company.They have the resources, the knowledge and the will, but... remain accessible at all times and provide a real personal service.Congratulations for the excellent work you did for us.It's always nice to work with people that know what they are more
Denise B.
18:30 30 May 13
Jake LaMotta the Raging Bull and I contacted the Romano Law Firm when we were having questions concerning trademark infringement. That one phone call answered by Robert and referred to Rose led to a mutual concern on Jake's behalf in general by the whole team. Domenic, Shaliz and Rose tirelessly... pored over reams of information on Jake including all original documents etc. This was not an easy task. Through their efforts a good contract is being signed to move forward with Jake's new film "Bronx Bull" as well as his upcoming documentary "Moving Forward: the Untold Story of Jake LaMotta". Without their dedication to uncover the truth and apply it to present situations as they occur we would not be able to effectively navigate the sometimes turbulent course of Jake's life and career! However with them we cannot lose! We recommend this firm to everyone in the entertainment more
John O.
12:39 28 May 13
As a business coach, Domenic Romano is my go to guy for all of my clients needs.He is the opposite of what normal comes to mind when you think of a lawyer. He is responsive, honest, totally knowledgable and all around great guy! Highly recommend and often do!
Whitney J.
16:35 10 May 13
Partisan Pictures has engaged the services of Romano Law the past year to review our films with the aim of avoiding inadvertent infringement of various sorts. Domenic and his team have been a pleasure to work with and are best described as highly professional, readily available, and sincerely... interested in preserving the quality and content of our projects. Most importantly, they have consistently provided us with thorough reviews and well-considered legal and practical solutions for any areas of concern. We are grateful for their service and the peace-of-mind it allows is an added bonus!read more
Sally G.
16:11 29 Apr 13
Romano Law has an excellent team of lawyers who are personable, knowledgable and effective. They guide you through each step intimately which is a rarity with most large scale firms. It's refreshing to work with such a small but very skilled group of people who know what your needs are before you... even have to ask!Excellent team! Also love that they work within your means as most law firms don't. They understand the plight of the entrepreneur so MAJOR THANKS to Romano Law for helping me take the next step in my more
Keira C.
00:13 23 Apr 13
Domenic Romano is not only a top notch counselor, his background and training are superb having been educated at top schools and having practiced corporate law in New York at some of the most prestigious global law firms. To be able to call someone of his caliber my personal business lawyer, is a... privilege. And, by the way, I own a top boutique legal recruiting firm in NYC so I have seen many quality lawyers over the years. Domenic's team is dedicated, talented, responsible and responsive and can compete with the best of more
Alex Z.
20:14 20 Apr 13
This is a great firm. I engaged Romano Law to negotiate a complicated employment contract for me. I work in the Finance industry and Romano Law was negotiating on my behalf against lawyers that had a lot of experience. Domenic and Shaliz were extremely insightful into issues that I did not think... of and they were able to negotiate terms that I myself did not think I would be able to get. They worked late and hard and their service was extremely more
Mark K.
19:38 08 Apr 13
We have dealt with many attorney's in the past, but Romano Law is absolutely awesome to work with. Their level of service is second to none. When we had a problem with one of our artists and then one of our producers, Romano Law came in and saved the day. They are very hard working and sometimes I... get shocked when they call my cell at 8pm? Who does that? Certainly glad they do. If this law firm fits your needs in terms of the type of law they practice, look no will not be dissapointed!!!read more
Sasha S.
19:01 01 Apr 13
I have nothing but great things to say about this firm. They're extremely friendly and hard working. I contacted Romano Law when our nonprofit ran into problem with the firm we contracted with to redesign our website failed to meet their obligations. Domenic and Shaizeh were very supportive,... taking time to understanding the specifics of our situation and, because of their efforts, we were able to get a favorable settlement agreement that quickly brought the site to completion. During the period the site was being completed Domenic continued contact with us, inquiring whether or not the work was progressing satisfactorily. We have use Romano Law for new legal matters and are always impressed by their diligence and hard more
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