"What is Intellectual Property?" - Nicole Haff on Getting Schooled with Abby Hornacek

“What is Intellectual Property?” – Nicole Haff on Getting Schooled with Abby Hornacek

Written by Nicole Haff

“What is Intellectual Property?” – Nicole Haff on Getting Schooled with Abby Hornacek


Nicole Haff joins Abby Hornacek of Fox News Radio’s Getting Schooled  to discuss the basics of intellectual property law and review examples of IP cases in the news today. 

The conversation begins with some background – at the basic level intellectual property is intangible property derived from human intellect.  Nicole also shares some of the differences between copyrights, patents and trademarks, as well as their historical origins  (1:41).

Taylor Swift re-recording her albums has been a major story in the news lately – Nicole explains the copyright issues behind this move and the unusual success of “Taylor’s Version” (8:51).

Model and author Emily Ratajkowski found herself embroiled in an ongoing legal battle as well, over an unwanted 2019 photo taken by a paparazzi, which she subsequently posted to her Instagram story with a caption – possibly making the work transformative (18:20).

When and how should you protect your work?  Nicole and Abby wrap up their conversation with a discussion of what every creator should know about intellectual property (27:50).

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