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Mercedes Prodan

Chief of Staff

Mercedes is passionate about arming others with the power and knowledge to build strong routines that promote a healthy, balanced life.  As Chief of Staff, she uses her background in management consulting to build a strong focus on employee engagement and improve business operations by identifying friction points.  Mercedes works with the team to promote communication, alignment, goals, engagement, and accountability.  She is also a certified Mindful Leader and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor.

Always trying to deepen her understanding of the bigger picture, she’s not afraid to ask bold questions and encourages others to do the same.  Whether she’s leading a workshop, walking her dog, or taking mindful walks, Mercedes brings a sense of authenticity and wonder to everything she does. Her dedication to mindfulness and personal growth inspires those around her to pursue their own journeys with curiosity and courage.

She resides in the Greater Cleveland area with her family, pets, and over 200 (thriving-ish) houseplants. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing meditation, appreciating nature, growing food and medicine, and fostering dogs for her local animal rescue.  She also plays softball several nights per week, which allows her to honor her inner child, challenge herself, and enjoy being part of a team… and occasionally pull a muscle or two.

Her current favorite saying: “May all beings be happy and free.”

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