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Ru Hochen

Graduate Law Clerk

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Law School

Brooklyn Law School, cum laude


National Taiwan University

Originally from Taiwan, Ru joined Romano Law as a Spring Extern in 2022 and returned as a Graduate Law Clerk in the fall of 2022.  In her capacity, Ru primarily works on transactional matters involving corporate law and intellectual property.  Before joining Romano Law, Ru had interned with the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic and a government’s IT department, gaining experience in tech law and data privacy issues.

Ru is a J.D. graduate, cum laude, of Brooklyn Law School, where she earned a Certificate in Intellectual Property, Media, and Information Law.  While in law school, she was an Executive Articles Editor of the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law, and she served as the VP of Pro Bono and Public Relations of the Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association.  In addition to school activities, Ru enjoys delving into Internet and privacy-related issues. She holds a CIPP/US certification in U.S. privacy law and is currently a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Prior to going into the legal profession, Ru worked in the sportscasting industry and had two years of experience in movie subtitles translation.  She earned her undergraduate degree from National Taiwan University in Foreign Languages and Literatures.

In her free time, Ru enjoys going for a run in the park, traveling, watching soccer and volleyball games, and trying different cuisines, and new recipes.

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