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Jari Wilson

Law Clerk

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Law School

Michigan State University College of Law


Undergrad school (Bachelor of Arts): Saginaw Valley State University – Majors: Communication and Spanish

Grad school (Master of Science): Syracuse University – Major: Public Relations

Jari Wilson is in her third year of law school at Michigan State University College of Law and is originally from Goodrich, Michigan.  Prior to law school, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Spanish from Saginaw Valley State University and a Master of Science degree from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.  She also worked as a music publicist before attending law school.

While in her third year of law school, Jari serves as a Senior Notes Editor for Michigan State Law Review.  She is also a member of MSU’s Intellectual Property Law Student Association and MSU’s Sports & Entertainment Law Student Association.  Jari is interested in entertainment law, sports law and intellectual property law.

In her free time, Jari loves to travel, take her dog on walks and hikes, attend concerts and read.

Blog Entries

  • What to Know Before Starting a Fashion Line

    Fashion lines come in all shapes and sizes: from those created by celebrities, to lines conceived by up-and-coming designers, to those crafted by established fashion houses.  While fashion is a creative and artistic industry, it is still important for designers to know the fundamentals of starting a new business.   If you’re thinking of starting your own

  • What to Know Before Starting a Skincare or Beauty Line

    There has never been a more lucrative time to start a skincare or beauty line.  Once you have an idea for that innovative skin cream formula or a revolutionary new lipstick, what should be your next steps?  Similar to when starting a fashion line, there are fundamentals to starting a business that skincare and beauty

  • Understanding Basic Overtime Laws in New York

    The Recent Changes to Minimum Wage Laws in New York  As of December 31, 2022, The New York Minimum Wage Act (the “Act”) requires that all employees working in the state receive at least $14.20 an hour or $15.00 an hour if they are in New York City, Long Island and Westchester.  Under the Act,

  • 5 Legal Tips To Protect Your Business On Instagram

    Instagram has evolved from a mere personal space for posting pictures and videos into a massive platform that connects over 1.3 billion monthly active users.  Over the past five to ten years, many of these users have found ways to capitalize on the outreach that Instagram affords by starting businesses through the site itself.  From

  • SAG-AFTRA’s Code Of Ethics Could Seriously Affect Management Businesses

    On March 4, 2014, SAG-AFTRA enacted its Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct to “better promote an honest and ethical relationship” between the Union’s members – actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, stunt performers, puppeteers, voiceover artists, and other media professionals – and their managers. By signing the Code, personal managers of SAG-AFTRA-affiliated actors pledge

  • What Does an Artist Need to Know About Creating Potentially Offensive or Politically Sensitive Art

    Artists are known for pushing boundaries with their work.  Though artists may want their artistic expression to take risks, they likely do not want to open themselves up to legal liability.  Here’s what you should know if you plan to create a piece that others may find offensive or politically sensitive: 1. Copyright Your Work

  • A Blogger’s Guide to Copyright

    Creating blog content requires a lot of effort and creativity.  It’s important to protect your work from unauthorized republishing.  While the U.S. Copyright Act offers some federal protection, copyright registration is necessary in order to enforce your rights in court.  Without copyright registration, you cannot ask the courts to stop an infringer or obtain damages

  • Trademark Settlement Agreements: Do They Violate Antitrust Laws?

    The recent 1-800 Contacts v. The Federal Trade Commission ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been a significant win for trademark registrants.  The court held that trademark settlement agreements do not breach the Sherman Antitrust Act.  As a result, this decision may encourage more aggressive trademark enforcement efforts. What Is the Sherman

  • What is Copyright Infringement?

    Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician or creator of any kind, it’s important to safeguard your intellectual property from theft, reproduction, and profit by unauthorized third parties.  Copyright law exists to protect original works of authorship and prevent infringement by others.  In this article, we’ll explore what copyright law covers, how to determine if your

  • What You Should Know Before Starting a Film and TV Streaming Platform

    There is no question that most people watch their favorite television shows and movies through streaming platforms.  And as streaming grows, so do the number of streaming platforms.  Recently, a court awarded Disney, Netflix, Universal and other major studios $30 million after a court found that two streaming platforms had been illegally streaming content created

  • Who Holds the Trump Card in the Copyright in Interviews?

    Former President Trump recently filed a lawsuit against journalist Bob Woodward and Woodward’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, over the release of audio recordings from their interviews for Woodward’s audio version of his book The Trump Tapes.  Trump is alleging that he owns the copyright to the interview recordings or at least his answers to Woodward’s

  • Does Photographing Someone Else’s Artwork Constitute Copyright Infringement?

    Generally, under U.S. copyright law, the person who created a work is the copyright owner.  As a result, a photographer who takes a picture would own the rights to the image.  But what if the photograph is taken of something where the copyright is owned by another party, such as a work of fine art?

  • Social Media Influencer Advertising

    Social media influencers have become an increasingly popular way for companies to market their products, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.  In response to concerns about predatory marketing disguised as entertaining content, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created regulations to protect consumers from undisclosed online advertising.  The FTC has also released

  • Salary Discussions at Work

    Talking about salaries at work has often been considered a taboo topic, and employers may even have rules in place to prevent their employees from engaging in such conversations.  However, it is important to know that an employee’s right to discuss their wages is generally protected by law. What Does the Law Say? Under Section