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Trademark Law

Looking to make your mark and create a brand for yourself or your business?

The attorneys at Romano Law can help. In the world of entertainment and business, a signature or a brand is just as vital as the products or services accompanying them.  We can assist in conducting clearance searches, registering trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, drafting and negotiating licensing and branding agreements, and enforcing your brand.


Trademark law protects a mark that is used in commerce for goods or services to identify the source of those goods or services.  A trademark can be in the form of words, names, symbols, or devices.  Mainly, trademark law protects against consumer confusion.

We’ve aided artists, record labels, production companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in identifying and implementing their brands.  We strive to assist our clients in all stages of the process, including registering their unique trademarks, growing and developing the recognition of such branding, and ensuring trademarks are protected against trademark infringements or dilutions, to prevent consumer confusion.

Whether you want to register a brand–new mark, or need assistance in protecting an existing mark, connect with one of our experienced trademark attorneys for more information on our trademark law services.

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