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Copyright Law

Copyright Transactions and Copyright Litigation

Whether you’re looking to protect your work, or to settle a dispute involving it, we’re here to help.

Copyright law applies to creative works that have been set in a “fixed” form – written down, captured on film, painted, sculpted… you name it.


Copyright law is a combination of older laws and more modern laws that have been developed over the years to adapt to recent trends in technology and the internet.

Whether you’re dealing with the creation of, or a dispute regarding, a song, film, photo, story, play, painting, sculpture, or design, our copyright attorneys will ensure that the appropriate people have the rights to the creative work, and those rights are exercised properly.

Additionally, if you created a valuable, protectable work in the 1960s through early 1990s, the rights to which you granted to another party, depending on a variety of factors, we may be able to assist you with reclaiming your copyright despite your prior contract, under the U.S. Copyright Act’s provisions for what are known as “termination rights” or “reversion rights.”

From basic copyright registration, to copyright litigation, we can assist in making sure your rights are protected.

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