Business Agreements - Partnership Agreements - Shareholder & Operating Agreements

Business Agreements

We have a lot of experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts.

We can help you start a business or provide counsel for your existing business.

We’ve drafted agreements for other lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals. We’ve prepared business contracts for owners in the creative, film and television production, computer services, tech and other industries.

We can assist with:

Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements are used in many different contexts – and your partnership agreement must reflect the special considerations of your particular arrangement.  Our attorneys will help you negotiate reasonable terms favorable to you, and we can draft detailed agreements catered to your interests.

Shareholder Agreements

There are many legal considerations involved when creating a shareholder agreement between the owners of your corporation.  Our skilled attorneys are experienced in drafting shareholder agreements with complex equity and stock structures for both C-corporations and S-corporations.  It’s our job to help you mitigate your risks in forming this contract between your shareholders.

Operating Agreements

Your operating agreement is the most important document between the owners of your limited liability company.  The attorneys at Romano Law are experienced in drafting operating agreements for businesses in a variety of industries.

Our attorneys have constructed comprehensive operating contracts with various management structures.  We’ve drafted agreements for other lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals.

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