“I cannot recommend them highly enough.  They immediately understood our business goals and concerns, and took a very proactive stance in protecting our commercial and legal interests.  Above all, they were ALWAYS there when we needed them, and when we required a very quick response, would do whatever it took to meet our deadlines.  I have worked with many larger firms and never received such committed and personal attention.  I have absolute trust in Domenic’s intelligence and integrity, and felt that we got the very highest level of service in every way.”Nina, London, England

“Professional, courteous, and very helpful!  I recently encountered a contract situation for which I needed legal advice. Mr Romano and his staff walked me through the steps I needed to take and made the process as pain-free as possible.  He helped me obtain a ruling in my favor that exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who has a contractual legal matter.” Scott Swanay, Sherpa Social Media

“Domenic impressed me with his ability to negotiate terms in my favor to an extent that I was worried about appearing high handed, while completely preserving my relationship with the firm at which I would be relaunching my career.  I could not have been happier with the result.” Noel Brown, Investment Banker

“I used Romano Law for help with a Management Contract recently. Domenic was available for any questions as soon as I needed him.  He was doing everything he could to help me and was fair, knowledgeable and honest.  He was professional and courteous to both me and my Manager.  I will continue to use Romano Law for all of my entertainment business needs.  I am so glad to have them in my corner.” N.L. Balick, Voice-Over Artist

“I would recommend Domenic Romano any day.  He is everything you would want in an attorney: smart, honest, efficient, and most importantly, present and always accessible.  His integrity is beyond reproach … I am incredibly grateful to him.  I can’t recommend him enough and will continue to go to him for any legal assistance in the future.”​ Anna Rodriquez, Talent Agent

“Domenic absolutely sets the standard for contract negotiators.  Twice he has expertly negotiated higher compensation and better terms on my behalf.  I never realized how much more you can get out of a work contract if you have the right person going to bat for you.  I am continually impressed by Domenic’s insight, efficiency, and ease of communication.” Alice, Entrepreneur

“I have used Domenic Romano several times over the years for various legal matters … He is smart, thorough, and efficient.  Always dealt with me in a friendly and sincere manner.  He was well liked and respected by the other parties that dealt with him, never alienating anyone while at the same time protecting my interests.  He is above all else ‘ethical.’  He is a class act.” Alex Carter, Actor (CSI, Burn Notice)

“I’ve been with Domenic for just over five years – he’s negotiated everything for me, including the bridge between two massive companies that are direct competitors – all with my absolute best interests in mind, and getting me two of the most balanced and fairs deals I’ve ever signed.  Dom just gets it.  He negotiates with total class and has never once made it awkward to walk into the office during negotiations.  He’s fast, on budget, and always returns calls.  There’s never been one minute during contract talks that I didn’t feel like Dom was working for me and me only.  I can only speak for myself – but Domenic has never talked to me like my lawyer – it’s always like a friend.” Roz Weston, Entertainment Television and Morning Radio Host

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