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Shaliz Sadig Romano

Co-Managing Partner

Shaliz Sadig Romano – 2023 March 17


New York State Bar (2010)

Law School

New York Law School, J.D. (2009)


University of Maryland, Baltimore County, B.A. cum laude (2005)

B.A. in Biological Sciences with Minors in Modern Languages & Linguistics and Philosophy

Recipient of Rollins-Leutkemeyer Academic Scholarship







Serving as the Co-Managing Partner at Romano Law PLLC, Shaliz has over a decade of experience in corporate transactions, employment and entertainment matters. Shaliz takes a practical approach as corporate counsel to entrepreneurs, business owners, and domestic and international companies, helping them navigate the legal issues encountered while running a business.

In Entertainment and Media, Shaliz works with a variety of industry professionals including producers, directors, writers, novelists, talent managers, artists, theatrical performers, reality television talent, designers and social media influencers.  She helps clients steer through the legal aspects of the various stages of film production and television development. For her production company and film clients, Shaliz regularly advises on the formation and structuring of single purpose vehicles, proper chain of title, the negotiation of option agreements, investor documents and financing, production agreements, licenses and releases. She also assists clients with clearance and distribution matters. She negotiates contracts for WGA, DGA, and SAG-AFTRA members and signatories.

Shaliz speaks regularly on legal topics.  She’s spoken on Entertainment Law related topics at the New York City Bar, Writers Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, Columbia University M.F.A. Program, New York Law School and Brooklyn Law School.  She has led a CLE course on Entertainment Law to attorneys.  As a member of the New York State Bar Association, she is part of the Business Law and Entertainment, Sports & Art Law Sections.

Shaliz is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmys).  She is also a member of BAFTA, the Hollywood Radio and TV Society (HRTS) and Chief.

She has been quoted in the New York Times, Newsweek and Quartz, regarding legal matters.

She was selected to Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Only 2.5% of attorneys in New York Metro receive this distinction.

Shaliz loves painting, Thai food, period dramas, live stand-up comedy and traveling to places where she can go walk endlessly and explore new cultures.  As the youngest child, she’s definitely the funniest.

Blog Entries

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  • Liable for Libel in Fiction: Narrative Filmmakers Beware

    Typically, the most common filmmakers concerned with potential defamation claims against their films are documentarians.  After all, documentaries are fact-based and intended to spread a message of truth, while narratives are fictional. Narrative films, however, can be subject to defamation suits, especially when based on or inspired by actual people.  What happens when a narrative

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    Whether it’s for a new business model, gadget, mobile app or TV show, everyone is always looking out for “the next big idea.”  We all know that a good idea can potentially lead to fame, recognition, improving the wellbeing of others or a big pay check.  However, it’s not always easy to make sure that

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    If you’re scouting for locations or deciding where to carry out your post production, a big factor is how much it will cost your company.  Depending on your production status, film tax incentives can propel your project across the finish line. Most states offer some form of incentive program in order to attract in-state film

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    Trademarks are valuable assets for businesses for several reasons.  Aside from protecting your brand and business from unfair competition, trademarks can also be a great source of revenue through licensing.  Licensing registered trademarks can provide growth opportunities for trademark owners.  On the flip side, entrepreneurs can reduce the risks of starting a business by taking

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    Thinking about starting a new business?  Let’s pause for a minute and weigh some important considerations before you start the hiring process or sign that commercial lease.  First, protect yourself by setting up an entity.  In the unfortunate event a lawsuit is brought against your business, a company that is properly set-up and well-maintained can help

  • Term Sheets – A Smart Tool To Have In Your Legal Tool Box

    Updated: June 30, 2021 Congratulations! You’ve decided to move forward on a substantial business transaction.  You’re ready to make it official and paper this deal.  But before you jump into a full-blown encyclopedia length contract, consider a Term Sheet first. WHAT IS A TERM SHEET?  Term Sheet.  Letter of Intent. Memorandum of Understanding. Deal Memo. 

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