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Brendan Duggan

Law Clerk


Law School

Brooklyn Law School


New York University

Brendan Duggan is a 2L at Brooklyn Law School, where is a member of Brooklyn Law Review, Sports Chair of the Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society, and a student advisor. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys triathlon training, traveling, spending time with friends, and hosting his podcast, Sideline Stories.

Brendan is specifically interested in employment law, intellectual property, and sports and entertainment law.

Brendan is also a teaching assistant and enjoys mentoring students and young professionals.

Blog Entries

  • Should You Use a Shopping or Option Agreement for Your Creative Work?

    If you have written a book or screenplay, you may be interested in turning it into a film, play or television series.  However, pitching a project to buyers or financiers can be challenging.  It can be helpful to work with a producer interested in either obtaining the right to “shop” the work or “option” the

  • Can You Be Served by NFT With a Lawsuit?

    When it comes to being served with court papers, the stereotypical image that comes to mind is that of a process server chasing down a defendant with a complaint and summons in hand.  This form of service – personal delivery – is the most straightforward method, although there are several other established ways to serve