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University of Iowa, B.A.

Abigail Gainer is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, where she obtained a bachelor of business administration degree in accounting with a minor in communication studies. Throughout her time at the University of Iowa, she took on several roles including a Senator with the University’s Student Government, a Tour Guide for the Office of Admissions and a volunteer with various organizations on and off campus. Abigail also worked as an Accounting Intern for a corporate insurance company. After graduating, she moved to Brooklyn and worked as a Retail Team Lead for two years.

At Romano Law, Abigail works as a paralegal, leveraging her background in business and her interest in the legal field. In her free time, she enjoys long walks through her neighborhood in Brooklyn, listening to Taylor Swift and taste testing cheesecake all over the city.

Blog Entries

  • Avoiding and Redressing Cryptocurrency Scams

    Cryptocurrency has become a highly sought-after investment.  Its investors range from tech savvy investment professionals to regular people with limited investing experience.  The industry has garnered a reputation of high-risk, high-reward investments that make for tempting opportunities for those comfortable with educated gambling.  Like gambling, the drawback of crypto investment is the potentially massive losses

  • Just Sue It! Nike Sues lululemon Over Patent Infringement

    Nike kicked off 2022 by filing a lawsuit against high-end fitness apparel seller lululemon over the technology underpinning lululemon’s electronic fitness trainer, the Mirror Home Gym.  Nike alleges that the Mirror Home Gym and its accompanying fitness app infringe on several of Nike’s patents used in their fitness equipment and apps. As noted previously on

  • Enforceability of Wrap Agreements

    Consumers have agreed to electronic contracts, known as wrap agreements, for decades.  These are agreements presented to consumers before they access services or buy products online.  Consumers don’t sign a paper contract with an ink signature; instead, they click on a button to accept the agreement or continue with the purchase.  Wrap agreements are often