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Hey, that’s my domain!

By: Stephanie Westerman & Domenic Romano Business is diverted from successful websites every day.  Anyone can register a name, or any variation of an existing name, for a small fee.  There are few checks and balances with registration of a domain name, so anyone can register and even domains obviously similar to yours may be

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Should your small business accept Bitcoin?

By: Domenic Romano and Josh Wueller Bitcoin has been making national headlines.  Supporters of the trending peer-to-peer cryptocurrency continue to sing praises of its benefits, while critics have highlighted a number of problems that have plagued the Bitcoin movement. Since its inception in 2009, businesses have been on the fence about whether to accept Bitcoin

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POTUS’s war against patent trolls could save your small business

By: Domenic Romano and Josh Wueller The White House has announced three new executive orders in its ongoing effort to shore up the U.S. patent system.  “Patent trolls”—also known as patent assertion entities (“PAEs”) or non-practicing entities (“NPEs”)—are giving inventors and business owners headaches. President Barack Obama, hoping for help from Congress and the courts,

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Net Neutrality: What Next?

By: Domenic Romano and Josh Wueller One month after the Washington, D.C. federal appeals court struck down FCC net neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced that the Commission will not appeal the decision. Following the Verizon v. FCC ruling, companies are feeling the immediate impact of Internet providers restricting the flow of their

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Regulation of virtual currency: is it inevitable?

New forms of virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, continue to garner attention.  Bitcoin began to rise in popularity, presumably to some extent, because it is not currently restricted by the laws or regulations of any jurisdiction. Due in part to this lack of regulation, the rate of fraud and online scheming seems to be extremely

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