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California’s New Legislation is a Game-Changer for Student Athletes

It is no secret that the NCAA is a very profitable business, and student athletes are clamoring for their fairshare. To that end, the Fair Pay to Play Act was introduced earlier this year and picked up steam after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law.  The Act would allow Californian student athletes to receive compensation for

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Why Pay for Play Should Include Student-Athletes

The debate surrounding compensating college athletes has been ongoing for decades. Until now, a court has not ruled on whether college athletes should be compensated for their service.  The Ninth Circuit recently ruled that amateur compensation rules are commercial in nature and anticompetitive. Following the Ninth Circuit’s lead, California proposed a bill that may soon

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The Solo Shot: 4 Yellow Flags for the Self-Represented Athlete

Question: “I’ve been playing ball my entire life, and now I’ve got a shot at the pros.  My buddy tells me I should get an agent, but I don’t want to pay a guy to just shuffle some papers.  Can’t I just handle my contract on my own?”  – Al E. Hoop Answer: Once upon

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Did the NFL Fumble Again? – Judge Overturns Yet Another NFL Disciplinary Ruling

The NFL seems to fumble its attempts to protect the integrity of football, particularly in high profile cases.  Fundamental principles of fairness (written in the Constitution) have generally been overlooked when handing out sanctions to NFL players for misconduct.  In a series of recent disciplinary actions by the NFL, courts stepped in and looked beyond

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Federal Trademark Registration: What’s the point?

Trademarks, and the rights of trademark holders, are commonly misunderstood.  Many business owners want to know, what are the advantages of federally registering a mark? A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design (or a combination of those things) that identifies and distinguishes the source of certain goods or services.  Essentially, a trademark is

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Will Donald Sterling’s legal arguments help him rebound?

Donald Sterling has been in the news non-stop for the last few weeks and it seems that won’t be changing anytime soon.  A hearing scheduled for Tuesday June 3rd will bring together the National Basketball Association (“NBA”) Board of Governors for a vote to determine if Sterling will retain his control of the Los Angeles

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“Student-athletes” no more: Employees with the right to unionize

Peter Ohr, the Chicago regional director of the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”), has dismantled the long-held “student-athlete” classification for Northwestern University football players.  In his decision this Wednesday, Ohr found that scholarship football recruits are employees, opening the door for the unionization of collegiate football players at private schools. The highly notable and controversial

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The FCC tackles the NFL blackout policy

The NFL may have to revise its blackout policy for the televised broadcasting of games, which is now officially under attack by the FCC. Under the NFL’s current policy, games that haven’t sold between 85% and 100% of their tickets within 72 hours of kickoff won’t be televised in the local market.  The FCC, however,

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