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Can Marvel Comics Writers and Artists Get Back Their Copyright from Disney?

Long before the successful movie franchise, writers and artists created a host of characters for Marvel Comics.  While they gave their copyright to Marvel decades ago, under U.S. copyright law, they may have the chance to terminate the transfer of copyright now.  That would give them the ability to negotiate a share in the substantial

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Do You Need a Music Sub-Publisher?

Updated: June 6, 2022 There are many opportunities for independent songwriters and composers to profit from their music.  It is important to understand available opportunities and how best to exploit them. Songwriters can potentially generate revenue from multiple sources.  These include: sales of records, downloads and on demand streams (mechanical income) inclusion in TV shows,

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What Privacy and Publicity Rights Do Celebrities Have In New York?

New York Civil Rights Law Sections 50 and 51 give individuals the right of publicity, allowing them to control the use of their name, image and likeness, for commercial purposes.  While most people are afforded this right, it has particular significance for celebrities.  This is because illegal use of a celebrity’s name or image is likely

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What is the Role of a Film Producer?

What Does a Film Producer Do? Film productions involve many complex pieces and multiple parties, which is why there are often several individuals with the title of “producer.”  A film producer is the person who initiates, coordinates, and manages the creation and production of a film.  Generally, the producer is involved throughout the entire process

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Copyright and Choreography: Protecting Choreography in Theatrical Productions

Theatre is more than a structure with seats and a stage.  It is a visceral, immersive, and collective experience.  It is community.  Amidst the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, as productions remain closed, we realize how much we take the joy of live theatre for granted.  Thankfully, creators are not easily discouraged, and members of the

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Life Rights Agreements – What You Need To Know

Updated: May 24, 2022 You are a creative person who has found out about someone with a compelling story and you’d like to develop a book, TV show or film based on his or her life.  But in the middle of your excitement and creative rush, it hits you: “Maybe I need to get permission

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5 Differences Between Agents and Managers

Updated: May 13, 2022 If you are in the entertainment business, you have probably come across various talent representatives, particularly agents and managers.  While many view agents and managers as the same, there are several important distinctions between the two roles. Booking Jobs Agents represent talent in seeking and securing employment.  They also help their

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