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Never Break the Chain (And Three Scenarios That Could)

When you’re signing agreements in entertainment, it’s important to read the fine print.  There’s a pesky tendency for contracts to include a representation that all of the rights you’re granting are, in fact, yours to grant.  It’s easy to gloss over, but it should really make you stop, think and take a step back.  You’re

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Bankrolling a Blockbuster: Part 1 – Investment

By: Anjana Puri As many filmmakers know, it takes a lot more than a strong screenplay, powerful cast and innovative artistic vision to take a great story from paper to the big screen.  So, what is the magical movie-making ingredient?  MONEY, pure and simple.

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Hitting the Right Notes: the Fine Line between Inspiration and Infringement

By: Elizabeth Vulaj If you’re a singer or songwriter, chances are you’ve been influenced by other artists’ work.  In the past few years, a number of musicians have filed lawsuits against other performers for copyright infringement, claiming that their songs have been copied.  But so many artists are inspired by the rhythms, lyrics, and compositions

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Ready, Aim, Fyre: Legal Lessons From Fyre Festival

By: Leah Norod The news has been alight with disastrous tales of Fyre Festival, the unforgettable musical experience that never was.  Unsurprisingly, the festival has been hit with multiple lawsuits and more are likely in the pipeline.  To add fuel to the fire, the festival’s pitch deck was leaked and the internet has wasted no time

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Independent Game Developers – What to Keep in Mind

By: Leah Norod The independent game developer doesn’t need to be told how valuable it is to protect their work.  However, many choose to take short cuts, use online contract generators or proceed on handshakes.  Developers work hard to create complex worlds and innovative ideas in gaming, and now more than ever it’s important to be

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Is Your Talent Agency Agreement Fair?

By: Marie Smith & Shaliz Sadig Romano You’ve met a talent agent, and you think it might help your entertainment career.  Unlike a talent manager whose principal duty is to advise and manage your career, an agent’s role is primarily focused on helping you find work.  Agents also assist in making connections and negotiating contracts.

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