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When Must New York Employers Pay Employees for Their Unused Paid Time Off?

The Empire State has some of the most comprehensive legal protections for employees in the country.  Employees in New York State have a right to paid time off under the state’s paid sick leave law.  Understanding this law, among other relevant employment statutes in New York, is key to navigating your rights as an employee

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Does My Employer Have to Give Me Time Off to Vote in New York?

You’ve heard it said over the airwaves ad nauseum as election day approaches – regardless of your political affiliation, it’s important to get out and vote.  Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done since Election Day is neither a federal nor state holiday.  However, many states, including New York, have laws that require employers

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Follow the Money: New York City’s Wage Transparency Law

New York City’s Wage Transparency Law goes into effect on November 1, 2022, making it mandatory for employers to share the salary or hourly wage in job postings.  Specifically, the law provides that when employers with four or more employees post an advertisement for a job position or promotion, the employer must also list the

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What You Should Know About Work for Hire

Many people mistakenly believe that if they hire or employ someone to create something for them, the work is automatically considered a “work made for hire.”  Whether you own a small business and are engaging a graphic designer to develop website content, or a production company seeking a director for a new feature film, understanding

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Do Employees Have a Right to a Lunch Break in California?

Most employees expect to get a meal break, but employers may not necessarily be required to give one. It is important to understand the rules, as federal and California laws vary on whether an employee has a right to a lunch break, and if so, when and how they must be provided. Does California Require

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Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice in New York City?

You have decided to leave your job for a new one or personal reasons.  The next step is to resign from your current position.  What is the best way to do that?  Do you have to give two weeks’ notice in New York City?  While generally there is no notice requirement there are some recommended

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Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice in California?

Giving notice that you are quitting your job can be stressful.  Regardless of your feelings about leaving, you do not want to burn bridges with your employer or co-workers.  It is a good idea to educate yourself about the best way to resign and determine how and when you should give notice.   Does California

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Remote Work Decisions Ahead for Employers

As concerns about COVID-19 and variants have lessened, some companies are asking employees to return to work in the office.  In many cases companies are allowing hybrid work arrangements in which employees spend 2-3 days in the office and the rest of the week working remotely.  This is being fueled in part by the fact

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Cannabis and Employment: What’s the Deal with Drug Testing?

In March 2021, New York enacted the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (“MRTA”) legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults and amending New York Labor Law Section 201-D to protect employees who use cannabis.  The law states that cannabis used in accordance with New York State law is a legal consumable product and employers are prohibited

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