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Confession of Judgment Part 1: What is It?

Let’s say someone wronged you, and you’ve been going back and forth with them for months in an attempt to resolve things.  You’ve finally agreed to settlement terms, but you aren’t sure you trust the person who stiffed you in the first place to comply.  To help with this, your lawyer is recommending you have

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Freelance Isn’t Free… Or is It?  (It’s Not).

If you live in New York City, you may have heard about a new regulation dealing with the hiring of freelancers. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business that relies on independent contractors, you may be asking yourself…                                   

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Convertible Debt: The Best of Both Worlds?

Business is booming, but it could be even better.  Mom already gave you some money to get started, but you ran through that pretty quickly.  You know your idea is great, but you just need cash to make it a reality.  You believe in your baby, and know she just needs the right food so

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S-Corps: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

“S-Corps” is a buzzword you may have heard tossed around while researching ways to structure your new business.  Perhaps you heard it whispered in the street.  Luckily there’s no secret entrance, and there’s a reason it’s talked about so often – S-Corporations let you avoid double taxation on your business.  However, S-Corp status is not

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# Four Things to Consider Before Trademarking a Hashtag

If you’re a social media veteran, you probably already know to use hashtags to add context and humor to your posts (“This has been the longest week ever #TGIF #LetTheWeekendBegin”) or to search for specific content (“#SelfDrivingCar”).  Hashtags are popularly used on major social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.  In recent

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Instagram Famous: The Feds are Watching

You like to stay on top of the trends, and Instagram is one of the best places to find out what’s new and cool.  One of your favorite celebrities just posted about a new product she says looks great, feels great and IS great. Now you NEED to get it for yourself!

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Authorized vs. Issued Shares: What’s the Difference?

Starting your own business can be complicated.  From deciding which corporate entity to use to structuring equity in the company, each decision needs to be well-thought-out in order to ensure the success and longevity of your business.  If you choose to incorporate, you may wonder how to structure ownership of the company to promote long

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