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Harassment and Discrimination in the NY Workplace

In recent years, New York has implemented and updated laws against harassment and discrimination in the workplace.  This may come as no surprise; the numerous scandals and the #MeToo movement have brought these issues to the front of the national conversation.  Individuals who have experienced harassment or discrimination must take certain actions before filing a

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A Note for Potential Financial Industry Whistleblowers: The Makings of a Good Tip & The Financial Rewards of Outing Fraud

By: Sarraf Gentile LLP The government encourages, rewards and empowers individuals who publicize fraud in the financial industry. The two most powerful and lucrative tools for outing fraud in the financial industry are the SEC Whistleblower Program and the CFTC Whistleblower Program.  Both programs were created in 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street

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Collecting Your Money – Enforcement of a Judgment

Now that you have successfully filed a Confession of Judgment, obtaining the money that is owed to you seems effortless. Well, it’s not that simple. Why? A Confession of Judgment is simply a type of judgment, and like all other judgments, it does not guarantee payment. While this device allows you to obtain a judgment

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Confession of Judgment Part 1: What is It?

Let’s say someone wronged you, and you’ve been going back and forth with them for months in an attempt to resolve things.  You’ve finally agreed to settlement terms, but you aren’t sure you trust the person who stiffed you in the first place to comply.  To help with this, your lawyer is recommending you have

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Freelance Isn’t Free… Or is It?  (It’s Not).

If you live in New York City, you may have heard about a new regulation dealing with the hiring of freelancers. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business that relies on independent contractors, you may be asking yourself…                                   

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Convertible Debt: Is This the Best Way to Grow?

You have an idea for a business.  This is the REAL deal, you think to yourself.  You’re ready to move forward and make your idea a reality, but you just need the money to make it happen.  You’re getting ready to approach investors, and you need a plan.  You confide in a friend, who tells

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S-Corps: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

“S-Corps” is a buzzword you may have heard tossed around while researching ways to structure your new business.  Perhaps you heard it whispered in the street.  Luckily there’s no secret entrance, and there’s a reason it’s talked about so often – S-Corporations let you avoid double taxation on your business.  However, S-Corp status is not

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