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Remote Work Decisions Ahead for Employers

As concerns about COVID-19 and variants have lessened, some companies are asking employees to return to work in the office.  In many cases companies are allowing hybrid work arrangements in which employees spend 2-3 days in the office and the rest of the week working remotely.  This is being fueled in part by the fact

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Cannabis and Employment: What’s the Deal with Drug Testing?

In March 2021, New York enacted the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (“MRTA”) legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults and amending New York Labor Law Section 201-D to protect employees who use cannabis.  The law states that cannabis used in accordance with New York State law is a legal consumable product and employers are prohibited

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Anticipated Impacts of the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Cryptocurrency

On March 9, 2022, President Biden issued an Executive Order entitled “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” (the “Order”), concerning the administration’s digital asset policy objectives.  The Order is the U.S. government’s first holistic risk analysis of digital assets.  While it did not announce any specific regulations, the Order directs federal agencies to investigate the

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Enforceability of Wrap Agreements

Consumers have agreed to electronic contracts, known as wrap agreements, for decades.  These are agreements presented to consumers before they access services or buy products online.  Consumers don’t sign a paper contract with an ink signature; instead, they click on a button to accept the agreement or continue with the purchase.  Wrap agreements are often

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What Is an LLC Operating Agreement?

Limited liability corporations (LLCs) are a popular choice of legal entity for new companies because they combine some of the benefits of corporations and partnerships.  While not required in all states, it is always recommended that a company have an LLC Operating Agreement to avoid future conflicts.  After all, an agreement is most often reviewed

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Tricky Trademarks: What You Need to Know About Assignment-In-Gross and Naked Licensing

Trademark law functions to protect brands as well as consumers from those trying to unlawfully exploit the goodwill and reputation of another company’s goods or services.  As a result, restrictions are placed on trademark transfers that cause confusion among consumers.  Two common prohibitions are “assignment-in-gross” and “naked licensing.”  If a trademark owner is found to

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Mariah on the Copyright Naughty List?  Not So Fast…

As has been reported all over the media, Mariah Carey has been sued for copyright infringement over her Christmas chestnut, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”  The plaintiff, songwriter Andy Stone, claims he wrote a song with the same title in 1989 that had “extensive airplay” in 1993, the year before Carey’s seasonal evergreen

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Employee Protections in California: Whistleblowers and Retaliation

Many states protect “whistleblowers” who report illegal conduct by employers, in an effort to encourage employees to speak up.  California, like New York and Florida, shields whistleblowers from retaliation under several state laws.  These statutes also allow employees to sue an employer and recover significant damages as a reward for providing information on unlawful activities.  Employers

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What Is the Metaverse and What Legal Issues Does It Raise?

The metaverse may seem like a new techie game, but it is a real and growing digital world that raises a host of financial, business and legal issues.  For those who want to take advantage of the opportunities it may offer, consulting knowledgeable professionals will be essential to help make well-informed decisions and minimize risks.

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