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“Finder’s Fees” for the Sale of Securities: Exercise Caution

Startup companies need funding, and entrepreneurs are rarely eager to turn away potential sources of investment. Companies and entrepreneurs often see the initial appeal in using so-called “finders” to help them sell shares in their company to raise cash.  Though not formally defined, a “finder” is typically an individual or company that receives compensation in

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Preparing for the Worst: Buy/Sell Agreements 101

Life is unexpected.  Sometimes terrible things happen that will catch you off guard.  Don’t let that be the case for your business.  Have a plan in place for unfortunate possibilities. A buy/sell agreement between you and your business partner can dictate what should happen to certain aspects of your company if worse comes to worst..

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Confession of Judgment Part 1: What is It?

Let’s say someone wronged you, and you’ve been going back and forth with them for months in an attempt to resolve things.  You’ve finally agreed to settlement terms, but you aren’t sure you trust the person who stiffed you in the first place to comply.  To help with this, your lawyer is recommending you have

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