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Protecting an Idea Part II

If you’re looking to protect your valuable idea, make sure to check out Part I of this series, found here. But, what happens when it’s already too late?  You had a great idea, spent a lot of time working on it, and then you find out someone is using it without your permission!  Here are

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Happy Birthday to You – Now It’s a Gift

Have you ever wondered why some restaurants come up with their own songs to celebrate a customer’s birthday?  Although it is one of the most popular songs and we sing it to friends and family often, “Happy Birthday to You” is rarely sung in restaurants or in the media. One of the biggest reasons is

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Can Writing on a Check Create a New Contract?

Have you ever wondered what to write on the “memo” line of your check?  That space can be a very useful tool.  For example, you hire a web developer to design a website for your business for $3,000.  They perform the service, but the quality of the site does not live up to your expectations,

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