Month: July 2014

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Why you should exercise caution when licensing out your business’ trademark

By: Stephanie Westerman and Shaliz Sadig Trademarks are valuable assets for businesses for several reasons.  Aside from protecting your brand and business from unfair competition, trademarks can also be a great source of revenue through licensing.  Licensing registered trademarks can provide growth opportunities for trademark owners.  On the flip side, entrepreneurs can reduce the risks

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Closing Time: 4 things to consider before dissolving your New York business

By:  Stephanie Westerman When the dissolution of your business is inevitable, there are multiple steps to undertake before officially closing the doors.  Whether you’re looking to retire, try something new or have fallen on hard economic times, you usually can’t just walk away.  The primary responsibility typically falls on the business owner(s) to shut down

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Things to consider when hiring a minor

By: Shaliz Sadig Maybe you’re looking for some help around the office or shop and you receive applications from some bright high school students.  Maybe you have a friend who wants you to do them a favor and take on their teenaged son or daughter as a summer intern.  Whatever the situation may be, there

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Talent managers: What do they do?

By: Rose Massary Talent managers, agents, publicists, business managers and entertainment lawyers can all play different, yet very important, roles in the cultivation and maintenance of artistic careers.  Those new to the entertainment industry often wonder what the varying entities and individuals are responsible for, and if (or when) they should be engaged to provide

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What you need to know about E&O

By: Rose Massary No matter how experienced a producer, or how carefully the development of a television series, documentary, or feature film is monitored, there are certain inherent legal risks that come with the distribution of creative content.  Whether it’s an individual claiming defamation, a director asserting copyright infringement, or a frivolous declaration of idea

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