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Federal Trademark Registration: What’s the point?

Trademarks, and the rights of trademark holders, are commonly misunderstood.  Many business owners want to know, what are the advantages of federally registering a mark? A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design (or a combination of those things) that identifies and distinguishes the source of certain goods or services.  Essentially, a trademark is

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To protect yourself, don’t skim the details in your business contract

Picture this:  you finally secured the deal you’ve been working for.  You came to a mutual understanding with the other party and documented the terms and conditions of your arrangement in writing.  You executed the contract and are ready to move forward with the agreement as planned.  To prevent potential unforeseen circumstances and disputes, you

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Hey, that’s my domain!

Business is diverted from successful websites every day.  Anyone can register a name, or any variation of an existing name, for a small fee.  There are few checks and balances with registration of a domain name, so anyone can register and even domains obviously similar to yours may be approved without question.  Registration doesn’t require

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Unpaid Internships: How to keep the heat off your company this summer

New York City is brimming with young professionals looking to gain experience, sharpen their professional skills and build their resumes.  But, can you legally hire interns to work free?  They get the experience and you get the benefit of another set of hands in the office, right?  WRONG!  Under federal law, interns must be paid

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Key considerations before you name your business

If you’re starting a new business, there are many essential things to consider.  Once you have a unique idea, choosing a name is often the next logical and necessary step to take in distinguishing your business.  A name can say a lot and tends to set the tone for the entire brand.  Although choosing a

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