Month: May 2014

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Will Donald Sterling’s legal arguments help him rebound?

By: Jessica Cox Donald Sterling has been in the news non-stop for the last few weeks and it seems that won’t be changing anytime soon.  A hearing scheduled for Tuesday June 3rd will bring together the National Basketball Association (“NBA”) Board of Governors for a vote to determine if Sterling will retain his control of

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What you should know about Work for Hire

By:  Rose Massary Many people mistakenly believe that if they hire someone to create something for them, it is automatically considered a “work for hire.”  Whether you own a small business and are engaging a graphic designer to develop logos and website content, or a production company seeking a director for a new feature film,

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To Compete or Not to Compete?

By:  Shaliz Sadig From small start-ups, to large corporations, to non-profits: the significant increase in the inclusion of non-competition clauses in employment agreements is staggering.  A concept often associated with high level executives, the clause has become prolific throughout the corporate ladder. The goal is to avoid unfair competition. A non-compete clause, sometimes referred to

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When it comes to commercial leases, don’t ignore the fine print!

By: Rose Massary So, you found your new office space in New York City.  You considered some helpful tips during the process and maybe even engaged an experienced broker to help negotiate the main deal terms.  You think you’re ready to sign on the dotted line.  But, wait!  As with all business contracts, never ignore

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‘You May be Right’ – That song could be yours again

By: Jessica Cox Pat Benatar, Journey, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel… these are just some of the artists that may be able to reclaim the rights to their music.  How?  The 1976 United States Copyright Act (“Copyright Act”) has a provision that allows “authors” (such as recording artists) to recapture the rights to work that

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Selling a startup or small business: 5 things you should know

By: Josh Wueller and Rose Massary On April 23, 2014, tech marketplace Grand St. announced that it was being acquired by New York city-based E-commerce website Etsy.  One week earlier, Twitter revealed it was purchasing social data provider Gnip.  Last month, Facebook bought the virtual reality business Oculus VR for $2 billion. With the economy

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