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POTUS’s war against patent trolls could save your small business

The White House has announced three new executive orders in its ongoing effort to shore up the U.S. patent system.  “Patent trolls”—also known as patent assertion entities (“PAEs”) or non-practicing entities (“NPEs”)—are giving inventors and business owners headaches. President Barack Obama, hoping for help from Congress and the courts, wants to improve the patent system

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Net Neutrality: What Next?

One month after the Washington, D.C. federal appeals court struck down FCC net neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced that the Commission will not appeal the decision. Following the Verizon v. FCC ruling, companies are feeling the immediate impact of Internet providers restricting the flow of their online information.  While the FCC gears

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The Comcast / Time Warner deal – Why should we care?

Just last week, Comcast announced its plan to purchase Time Warner Cable.  Upon completion of the $45 billion takeover, Comcast would control roughly 30% of American cable subscribers, making it the dominant television and Internet services provider in the U.S. The merger’s supporters and opponents are already arguing over whether the deal will be good

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Rebel without a cause (of action)? James Dean Twitter feed a point of contention

Even 60 years after his death, iconic movie star James Dean remains a celebrated public presence.  Now, a lawsuit brought by Dean’s estate against microblogging multinational Twitter has brought Dean’s claim to fame back into the spotlight.  CMG Worldwide is the Indiana-based company managing James Dean’s estate and commanding $3 to 5 million annually in

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The foibles of fame: How celebrity status can limit recovery for defamation

On February 5, 2014, acclaimed screenwriter David Bar Katz sued the National Enquirer for $50 million.  The tabloid claimed Katz, who discovered the body of close friend and recently deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman in the actor’s Manhattan apartment, told reporters in an exclusive interview that he had a sexual relationship with Hoffman and had witnessed

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New California LLC law underscores the importance of accuracy

This year marked the beginning of a new era for the California LLC Law (limited liability company).  On January 1, 2014, the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (“RULLCA”) was enacted to “recast provisions governing the formation and operation of limited liability companies.”  RULLCA repealed the Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act, which had determined California

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