Questions About Startup Law?

Regardless of your area of business, it’s important to consider forming a limited liability entity.  When properly implemented and maintained, these entities can limit your personal exposure, especially if your business faces a lawsuit or encounters financial difficulty.  At Romano Law, our experienced business startup lawyers can provide you with the appropriate corporate documentation and advice to maximize your limited liability protection.

We can provide a variety of tailored contracts and legal documents for your new business, including: independent contractor agreements, employment contracts, employee manuals, terms of use and privacy policies for your website, and other essential protections and counsel.

Whether you are looking to create a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a start-up business attorney at Romano Law can provide tailored legal counsel and help you select the option that may be best for you.

Our flat-fee startup formation packages typically include all of the following services:

(1) Discussing your specific intentions for the business

(2) Helping you select a company name likely to gain approval from the Department of State

(3) Drafting the following documents for your new company:


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • ​Shareholders’ Initial Resolutions​​​
  • Directors’ Initial Resolutions​
  • By-Laws​
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • ​Subscription Agreement

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Articles of Organization
  • Initial Members’ or Managers’ Resolutions
  • LLC Operating Agreement

(4) Preparing and filing federal and state S-Corp elections (if applicable);

(5) Obtaining a Federal Tax Identification Number (also known as an EIN) for the new company, which is typically necessary for tax and banking purposes;

(6) Covering all third party fees (including state fees) for the expedited formation of the LLC or corporation in New York State;

(7) Covering all third party fees associated with fulfilling the New York State publication requirement for LLCs;

(8) ​Providing start-up legal advice;

(9) Providing a memorandum summarizing the important steps to take to preserve the entity’s limited liability status going forward; and

(10) Answering your start-up questions related to the LLC or corporation formation.

For more information on business start-up law services, or to speak with an experienced business startup attorney Contact Us.